SBT bets on technology and sees a future in the free streaming model

SBT turned 40 in August and has been investing in high technology as it prepares for the future and the second screen. In an exclusive interview with on the small screen, Fernando thought, head of innovation at the company, said that he intends to optimize and expand the portfolio of the SBT Videos platform and sees the model without subscription, but with advertising (AVOD) as a way to make the broadcaster’s streaming project viable. The executive also says that SBT will channel investment in games and prepare a new application to meet the demands of the commercial sector, SBT Ads.

“We are treating them with great affection (SBT Videos), in order to improve the experience. It’s still not the way we want it, there are challenges there, but we have a lot of attention from the board and all shareholders are following this product with great attention. We know we have a long journey to make, because any move in this streaming universe requires a lot of investment”, said the executive.

And he continued: “We are developing at SBT Videos some initiatives to improve the consumer experience, mainly. See how the audience is behaving with the different types of content, what are the main characteristics they want to consume in this offer”.

“We are also adding the outline of third parties, bringing content partners in a model that makes sense for the partner, in the visibility and revenue it can generate, always in the advertising concept. It’s a natural path for the future of television, it’s already happening. But we are doing some experiments before going in full and the channel is doing this project with great attention”, he added.

The SBT Videos model is similar to Pluto TV, free streaming from the ViacomCBS Group, which is called AVOD (Advertising-Based Video on Demand), a format that combines content without subscription and space for advertising. In the second quarter of 2021, according to the CEO of Pluto TV, the platform present in 25 countries reached US$ 1 billion in sales.

“We understand that the most natural model with open TV and has more to do with our strength. The company makes SBT Videos available free of charge to the consumer and monetizes it in the form of advertising. We intend to bring investors who want to have brand exposure”.

To attract the public, SBT Videos negotiates contracts with production companies to increase the streaming collection. In addition, the service will embrace channel affiliates to win over viewers from all over Brazil.

“SBT Videos has a great path to continue growing in its content collection. We already have a few contracts on the trigger and we’re carrying that. We must deepen the regional and local content. SBT has more than 100 stations spread across Brazil and many of them end up generating relevant content not only for journalism, but also for entertainment and sports. SBT Videos is focused on entertainment”, comments Fernando.

And he adds: “We intend to integrate all of this with our affiliate network so that they can be consuming this content and we also intend to expand the offer on different platforms for consumption of connected devices”.

SBT and the challenges of the future

SBT bets on technology and sees a future in the free streaming model

SBT was responsible for always innovating. In 2010, it ended up being the first platform to launch a mobile television application. Now SBT Videos is a project that seeks to connect TV audiences with Internet users. “We have SBT Videos, which is evolving. It started as a way to put together SBT content and is now in the app. There is a team dedicated to this, which is SBT Videos”.

Fernando tells that there will be the launch of SBT Ads, a tool to streamline SBT’s relationship with advertising agencies and advertisers. The focus will be on customizing campaigns and bringing regional brands closer to open TV. “We are working, we have already done some pilots and we are expecting to launch this platform at the end of the year to allow the advertiser to do self-service. Any brand, of any size, can advertise within the SBT platforms, both digitally and online. TV”, he details.

“We have to try it, there is no ready-made recipe. Each type of company has a different structure and allows for more testing or less testing. SBT is in a very positive phase, it’s a new era. This entire process was discussed by (José Roberto) Maciel – CEO of SBT – and directors are betting on this transformation and it is happening”.

SBT Games

In addition to video content, SBT has been investing in the gaming universe. “There is the game front that we are betting on. And then there are two phases: there is SBT Games in the content production part, engagement with the Will community, he is responsible for SBT Games, which is the production of content for this audience. So there is a series of video content, lives with various influencers, there is a series of content that some are even available on SBT Videos”, he reveals.

“And there is another front, which is the production of casual games. The Milhão Show is an example, which we did at the beginning of the year. There are a lot of players, more than 300k per month playing. We have other games coming out in the coming months. Some games are related to the programming and others are related to the profile of our audience, such as Puzzle, games of challenges against each other. These are games that talk to our audience. This is the idea, to have a large catalog of games, but we start small. We look great, but it starts in a very realistic way, step by step, evaluating and growing gradually”, details Pensado.

SBT and internal technology

In addition to the service designed for the public, there is also extensive work inside the station to improve the day-to-day of the company’s employees, customers and business partners. “There are a series of actions that we are developing here in different areas to help us be more effective, from the simplest to the most difficult processes. This will make the company faster to respond immediately to the public”, he reveals. The state-of-the-art technology implemented in the new SBT Rio studios, inaugurated in August, will be the standard for the entire SBT network.

The internal work reached the human resources sector and the organization of caravans in the canal. “And there are other fronts, such as helping the caravanists process to form a process of access here to the SBT much faster and more practical, as well as the process in HR, legal in order to serve the client and provide a more practical and quick solution as possible.”

“The IT team has been doing a great job with the HR team to make our system more practical and faster. The commercial team has developed intelligence, bringing a technology that is being implemented to transform the distribution process better”, he concludes.