SC Government Announces Order for Covid-19 Booster Vaccination; check out

Booster dose campaign targets seniors over 70 years and immunosuppressed people, application will be made at different times

Santa Catarina begins to apply booster doses against Covid-19 this month. The first groups covered will be seniors over 70 years old who will be assisted in a staggered manner. From September 15th, the application in people with a high degree of immunosuppression will start.

vaccinePfizer’s vaccine will be used in adolescents and will also be a priority for groups that will receive the third dose – Photo: Archive/Public Photos/Disclosure/ND

The immunization order was announced this Tuesday (31). Between the seniors, will be immunized only those over 70 years old and who received the second dose or single dose for at least six months. As in the first dose campaigns, the application will start with the elderly, divided into four age groups:

  1. seniors aged 85 and over;
  2. aged 80 to 84 years;
  3. aged 75 to 79 years old; and
  4. aged 70 to 74 years.

already the immunosuppressed people, who start being immunized from the second half of the month, may take the booster dose after
28 days after the last dose of the basic scheme, according to Dive/SC (Directorate of Epidemiological Surveillance of Santa Catarina).


The start depends on the sending of new shipments by the Ministry of Health. In addition to the booster dose and the second dose, Santa Catarina will have, in September, the beginning of the immunization of adolescents aged 12 to 17 years, in addition to the remaining adults.

The quantity of doses directed to the three campaigns will be defined for each shipment. At first, the CIB (Bipartite Interagency Commission) had defined the fifty-fifty distribution for adolescents and target groups of the third dose.

Pfizer will be the only immunizing agent used in young people as it is the only vaccine released so far for the group. The guidance is the same for immunosuppressed patients, however, “other vaccines may be used as an alternative to those with a viral vector, such as those made by Janssen or AstraZeneca/Fiocruz. In this case, Dive will carry out the recommendation according to the vaccine shipments”, informed the Board.

Documents for immunosuppressed

  • Records that already exist in the Health Units or other services in the municipalities that prove the condition;
  • Medical certificate or medical report with the indication of the person’s condition, containing the description of the ICD and expiration date of 1 year for prescriptions of drugs for uncontrolled use;
  • Medical certificate or medical report indicating the person’s condition;
  • Medical prescription or exams or prescriptions that make clear the person’s condition considering the validity period of 1 year for prescriptions for uncontrolled medications.