Secret behind Giovanna Antonelli in The Clone comes to light after 20 years; know what she was doing!

Giovanna Antonelli
Giovanna Antonelli was the eternal Jade of O Clone (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

20 years after its original airing, the soap opera The clone, from 2001, will be shown again in the Worth seeing again, and Globo’s official website surprised by revealing a curiosity about the character of Giovanna Antonelli.

She played the eternal Jade, who, according to the actress, was one of the most important characters in her career:

“Impressive the power that soap operas have. The impact they have directly on people’s lives. This one, which runs around the world until today, is not even mentioned! I am proud to have been part of this innovative project at the time.”

She was not the author’s first choice. Gloria Perez for the role and faced several tests to get the character:

“It was written. It was a job that took on a proportion that no one imagined. A director I adore and respect, Marcos Schechtman, was the first to put my name on the wheel. We went through several stages and I was the last name to be chosen. But… It was supposed to be mine”.

In addition, she did not have a body double and had to make an effort to learn belly dancing, requiring more than 10 hours of training per day:

“I trained with Claudia Censi, a teacher who was very dear to me. I trained about ten hours a day. I’m obsessed when I have a challenge. Demanding with myself. Perfectionist”.

The actress also spent 40 days in Morocco to record part of the plot, at just 25 years old and without ever having traveled abroad:

“Everything was new. This look at the new is fantastic and, for sure, it brought so much truth to our story. The same look of the spectator for such a rich culture. Everything was fun. A big family on the roads, deserts, with snakes, camels and a dream of taking a unique story to Brazil”.

As for the Arab costume, which became fashionable at the time here in Brazil, the actress revealed:

“I love this construction, helping to assemble my characters. I like to always take ideas, to exchange. I find the whole creation process a delight. I love what I do. I have a Jade handkerchief in store”.

At the time, she became involved with Murilo Benício, her romantic partner in the story, and together they had a son, Pietro, who is 16 years old:

“Certainly Pietro is a great gift in our lives. He has already seen the novel at a glance…. Very little. It was funny (laughs). It’s part of that generation that doesn’t watch TV”.

It is worth remembering that the announcement of the rerun of O Clone was completely a surprise, since the plot had already been re-run ten years ago, in 2011, and recently on Viva. The rerun was announced by Ana Maria Braga on Mais Você.

The Rio channel confirmed the production debut for October 4th. For a week, O Clone will share Vale a Pane Ver De Novo with Tititi’s last week and, starting on the 11th, will pursue a solo career in the Plim Plim grid.

In the program, Ana Maria appeared with painted eyes, similar to the characterization work done for Jade, a character by Giovanna Antonelli.

“If you haven’t watched this soap opera, if you’re really young and young, you’ll love it!”, guaranteed Ana Maria. On social networks, internet users had different opinions about the rerun.

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