Security camera footage shows a moment when a nanny is heavily attacked by her employer in Salvador: ‘She’s going to end up in the hospital!’; watch

Last month, a case of assault and private imprisonment shocked the country. Nanny Raiana Ribeiro da Silva, 25, threw herself from the third floor of a building in Salvador (BA), after being held by her employer. This Thursday (2), images were released from the apartment’s security cameras, which show the exact moment when the young woman is cruelly attacked by Melina Esteves França.

The G1 learned from the delegate responsible for the accusations, Tiago Pinto, that the images have already been sent to the expert witness and that the investigation has 30 days to complete. The case is under judicial secrecy. The woman is investigated for domestic violence against 12 other employees and on Wednesday (1), she saw her then lawyer abandon the case.

According to an article shown by the newspaper “BATV”, there are more than one hour and twenty minutes of images recorded by security cameras. The reporter also contacted Raiana, who revealed that the attacks began the day before she fled. The records showed that, on that day, the aggressor and the young woman were talking in the living room of the apartment and the subject was the employee’s departure from her job.

Melina França asks if the nanny would leave the house immediately and the employee denies it. The boss then says that she will only be able to leave after 15 days and the young woman says that she wants to go the next day, which is promptly denied by the woman. After the conversation, the atmosphere gets heavy in the apartment and all the horrible scenes take place in front of the businesswoman’s three daughters.

“You hit me!”, said Rayana. The woman then questions: “What’s up? What are you going to do to me?”. At this point, another person enters the place and asks Melina to stop the attacks. “Mel, look at me! Look at me! Don’t do anything to her!”, asks the woman. “I want her to shut up. Otherwise, she and I leave here in a coffin”, answers the businesswoman. Watch:

The next day, the threats and attacks started again. Around 6:30 am, the nanny even passed out on top of one of the children after being heavily assaulted. Check out:

At another moment, Raiana appears sitting on the sofa, next to Melina, with one of the girls on her lap. After ordering the nanny to hand over her daughter to a third person, the woman begins the assaults. In addition to slapping, punching and pulling her hair, the ex-boss even hits the young woman on the back with both hands, who tries at all costs to defend herself. “I know how to hit, I don’t leave a mark on you. I blow your head so bad you end up in the hospital. Don’t play with me!“, threatens the businesswoman. It is also possible to hear Melina asking if the victim thinks what she was doing is right, while hitting Raiana on the head and face. The ex-boss still asks for respect and calls the victim horrible names.

Raiana Ribeiro was taken to the bathroom by her mistress and minutes later, the third person in the house tells Melina that the young woman jumped out of the building using the tipper. After the nanny jumped in, Melina França started calling for the doorman. “Concierge! Oh boy, for God’s sake, come here because she wants to kill my daughter”, he shouted.

In an interview with the TV Bahia report, the nanny denied accusations that she had assaulted the child. “It’s a lie. All three girls only sleep with the pillow in their lap. ‘Put’ the girls to lie down there and ‘put’ the girls to sleep. She woke up in the morning, started beating me, told this Camila to pick up the girl and started hitting me. The girl doesn’t have a bruise, she doesn’t have a beating, because she didn’t have any of that, it’s her lie”, he vented.

remember the case

On August 25, nanny Raiana Ribeiro da Silva threw herself from the third floor of the building after being held in private by her employer. A resident of the neighborhood recorded the harrowing moments when the young woman tried to escape, and the images were released on the 26th. Raiana also spoke and exposed the absurdities she suffered.

In a moment of despair, after being assaulted and locked in the bathroom, Raiana decided to jump out the window to escape her mistress. She landed on the building’s second-story parapet before reaching the ground floor. In the recording, which aired on the news program “BATV”, it is possible to see the nanny hanging on a wall between the buildings, trying to balance herself. After being rescued by residents, the young woman survived the fall, but suffered a fractured foot. Watch the images below:

In an interview with TV Bahia, Raiana also revealed the aggressions she had been suffering from her employer, identified as Melina Esteves França. [A agressão] it started because I told her that I couldn’t do it anymore, that I was going out on Wednesday. Then she said: ‘I’ll show you, bitch, if you go out’. And then he started attacking me”, she reported.

Raiana lived on the north coast of Bahia, but moved to Salvador after finding a job vacancy on a website and getting the job done over the phone. Until, in a matter of days, things started to get out of hand… “She hit me, pulled my hair, bit me. Various aggressions… I slapped”, detailed the young woman.

Baba Window3
After jumping from the window on the 3rd floor, Raiana fractured her foot and remembered the aggressions she would have suffered. (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

At the time of suffocation, the nanny said that she had calculated the movement of escaping through the window, but ended up falling. “When I saw the bathroom tipper, then I tried to get out. I thought I was reaching the other window, but I didn’t and I let go. I was hanging on a ‘step’ where she spreads clothes, but I didn’t reach the other window, I let go and fell”, mentioned. At Melina’s house, Raiana would have even gone without food. “I haven’t eaten or drank water since Tuesday. I came to get something to eat when I got here last night”, she said.

The young woman had even recorded an audio asking her family for help. “Oh my God, call the police. I’m being assaulted here. I’m being attacked here, denies, at work, at Imbuí. Call the police, call the police, please, please”, she cried on the recording. Later, the cell phone would have been taken by the boss. According to G1, the employee’s family even traveled to Salvador, however, they were unable to locate the condominium she was in. Listen to the recording below:

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Melina Esteves França was summoned by the Civil Police, and gave a six-hour statement at the 9th Territorial Police, which is investigating the case. However, these would not have been her first attacks against female employees. According to a neighbor, the boss had already “punched the eye” of another employee. Now, she can answer for the crime of private imprisonment.

“Private imprisonment is identified, where in article 148 of the Penal Code it says that depriving someone of liberty through kidnapping or private imprisonment is detention for one to three years. Also in the same Penal Code, in the same article, paragraph two, there is an aggravating factor, which is what happened to her: if this prison causes physical or moral suffering, the penalty ranges from two to eight years. That’s what we’re going to request for the police authority to make this report”, said Bruno Oliveira, Raiana’s lawyer.

Baba Window4
Melina Esteves França testified to the police. (Photo: Reproduction/G1)

According to the G1, the Domestic Union expressed its outrage over the case and called the Regional Superintendency of Labor. “It is no longer permissible, at a time like this, for such violence to happen. During the pandemic, there have been a lot of cases of female workers who are forced to be confined in the workplace”, said a member of the union.