See the numbers drawn for the Super Seven on Wednesday night

THE super seven, contest 138, can pay BRL 600 thousand to the player who hits the lucky sequences of the night of this Wednesday (the 1st).

Check it out here:

7 – 7 – 0 – 6 – 6 – 0 – 7

In the draw last Monday (the 30th), no bettor hit the seven numbers and, therefore, the value accumulated.

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The six-point streak also had no hits, and the closest anyone came to the jackpot was five numbers. There were 37 players and each one won R$ 1,227.03.

Click to see the numbers drawn for the Super Seven on Monday.

Independence Lotofácil

The next Lotofácil draw will be on September 11, in the so-called Lotofácil da Independência. The estimated prize for the lucky one who hits the 15 tens is R$ 150 million.

Unlike other draws, the Lotofácil da Independência does not accumulate. If no one guesses the 15 tens, the prize will be paid to whoever guesses 14 numbers and so on.

Bets can be placed until 7pm on the day of the draw at any lottery shop. The bet price for the Lotofácil da Independência special draw is the same as the regular draws, at R$2.50.

Understand how sweepstakes work

Lottery drawings take place at Espaço Loterias Caixa, located at the Tietê Bus Terminal, in the city of São Paulo, from 8 pm onwards.

The procedures are closely inspected by two popular auditors, who oversee the draws and validate them.

Metro World News tracks all of the week’s draws and publishes the results in real time on the website and social networks.