Sérgio Mallandro goes after Ovelha after homophobic comment

It’s bullshit! Sérgio Mallandro went after the singer Ovelha during the podcast Talking Parrot. The fight took place after a prejudiced comment by the musician.

“My father told me: ‘Be a great singer, just don’t become chicken.’ Chicken in the Northeast is a fag,” said Ovelha.


Mallandro, however, did not like the comment and demanded explanations: “Come here, what do you have against fags, my brother? I have a friend who is a fag, I have a cousin who is a fag, there are people who work here with me who are a fag. Do you want to be lynched?”

The 66-year-old rocker used the generation gap to explain his comment.

“In 1970, our training was different. I have nothing against anyone. It just can’t be done in the middle of the street because there are good children and people watching it,” he said.