Show do Milhão, now presented by Celso Portiolli, returns to SBT after 12 years

After 12 years off the air, the classic Show do Milhão competition program will return to SBT’s screen. Presented by Celso Portiolli, 54, the new season will have 13 episodes and premieres this Friday (3) at 23:15, and intends to keep the mechanics of the classic previously presented by Silvio Santos, 90.

The program is made in partnership with PicPay, and will have payment made on time, through the application transaction. Portiolli, nominated as his successor on the show by Silvio himself, said that he managed to “take out of the letter” the presentation of the episodes.

“It has a lot to do with the programs I present, they all have questions and answers and are worth prizes”, reflects the presenter. He says that he is responsible for running the program previously run by Silvio, but he recalls that he has already done this on other occasions, such as Passa or Repass.

Photo: Lourival Ribeiro/SBT

“It’s a trophy, after 25 years at SBT to present the Show do Milhão”, completes the presenter. The new program will have the same format as the original. 16 questions will be asked on the trail until reaching the million and the competitors will be able to count on the four known aids: Letters, Plates, University and Jumps.

“I felt great on stage”, says Portiolli, adding that the responsibility is the same in all his programs, because he has the opportunity to do “what I love, which is communication”.

Fernando Pelegio, director of Artistic Planning and Creation at SBT, says that the Show do Milhão comes to accompany the changes of the last decades. “The cell phone and applications have changed the world”, he points out. “I have no doubt it will be the same fever that it was in the 1990s and the 2000s.”

To keep up with the changes in technology in the world, the program will be made available on the broadcaster’s YouTube channel after airing on television and will also have a game available on the SBT Games website. “The program has never been as well packaged as it is at this stage”, concludes Fabiano Wicher, program director.

In addition, one way to participate in the program is to carry out a transaction above R$50 through the PicPay application or card, and this will give you a number, which, when drawn, gives you the opportunity to participate in the competition. The draws will be held every 15 days, by Caixa Econômica Federal.

Each week, the program will receive 12 participants, customers drawn through a promotion carried out by the sponsor. “Having PicPay’s innovation is a source of great pride”, adds Fred Müller, commercial director of the network, about the exclusive sponsorship.

“Going 12 years without this wonderful format was a sin”, adds Pelegio. He comments that he already had the desire to bring the program back, since the last edition was in 2009. “It says a lot about what SBT is.”

Portiolli says that the game is in the public’s affective memory. “This program is part of the Brazilian family, I see on social networks that many people still play”, he comments, “people love quiz programs, especially with a wonderful prize like this”.



When: 03/09

Where: SBT

Time: 23:15