slaughterhouses do not buy and ox falls a little more at B3 – Money Times

Another day with no bullish support and bull falls a little more in the physical and futures market (Image: REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker)

Along with the weakness of @ that has been going on for weeks, this Thursday (2) added another day of purchases from slaughterhouses that take advantage of the poorly explained case of atypical mad cow in Minas Gerais.

It’s still unclear whether the fall in the physical will be as big as in the fourth, but at least the futures in the B3 (B3SA3) are better behaved than losses of more than 4% the day before. Between September and October, the falls are between 0.30%, 0.20% and 0.39% (R$ 306), at 3:15 pm (Brasilia).

Scot Consultoria’s references gave a tie in business values ​​in all markets, at R$ 303.50 in São Paulo, in cash.

“There should be no slaughter until Wednesday,” says Yago Travagini, from agrifatto, a consultancy that should not bring news about the fall registered in yesterday’s business to almost 1% in São Paulo.

Overall, in terms of average trading values, the base is R$310 – or less.

Whoever expected a little strength inside the gate with the entry of salaries and the barbecues during the holiday, forget it.

Only the wholesaler is trying to take advantage of this expectation. Agrifatto noticed an additional R$0.50. It was R$19.40 per kg of the matched carcass.

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