Soybeans: bag prices increase after days of decline

Soy prices reacted on Thursday in most markets across the country, following the recovery in Chicago. O dollar tried to go up, touched R$ 5.20, but closed unchanged. At the best of times, there were operations involving small lots, but the market is trying to adjust.

See the quotes from the main Brazilian squares:

– Deep Step (RS): the 60-kilogram bag continued at R$164.00

– Region of Missions: the price stabilized at BRL 163.00

– Port of Rio Grande: the price rose from BRL 165.00 to BRL 167.00

– Rattlesnake (PR): the price went from BRL 163.00 to BRL 166.50 per bag

– Port of Paranaguá (PR): the bag increased from BRL 166.00 to BRL 170.00

– Rondonópolis (MT): the bag remained at R$164.00

– Gold (MS): the quotation was R$ 155.00

– Rio Verde (GO): the bag increased from BRL 159.00 to BRL 160.00

Chicago price

Soy futures contracts traded on the Chicago Commodities Exchange (CBOT) closed Thursday with higher prices. The good numbers for US exports put an end to five consecutive sessions of losses.

US net soybean exports for the 2020/21 season, starting on September 1, were 68,200 tonnes for the week ended August 26. It represents a decline of 9% compared to the previous week and 9% above the average of the last four weeks. Holland led the
imports, with 86,200 tons.

For 2021/22, there were over 2,132,500 tons. Analysts expected exports between 625,000 and 1.3 million tonnes, adding the two seasons. The information was released by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

US private exporters reported to the USDA the sale of 126,000 tonnes of soybeans to China. Delivery is scheduled for the 2021/22 season.

The gains were limited by the favorable climate for crops in the United States and also by logistical and structural problems for shipments, as a result of the passage of hurricane Ida in the United States.

Soybean contracts for November delivery closed up 5.50 cents a bushel or 0.43% to $12.83 1/4 a bushel. The January position was quoted at $12.91 1/2 a bushel, with a gain of 4.50 cents or 0.34%.

In by-products, the December position of bran closed with a low of US$ 3.50 or 1.01% to US$ 340.00 per ton. In oil, contracts maturing in December closed at 58.79 cents of the dollar, a gain of 0.85 cents or 1.46%.


The commercial dollar ended the session stable, trading at R$5.1820 for sale and R$5.1800 for purchase. During the day, the US currency fluctuated between a low of R$5.1430 and a high of R$ 5.2010.