SP admits that ideal scenario for 3rd dose involves exchange of vaccines | Health

Jean Gorinchteyn, Secretary of Health for the Government of São Paulo
Disclosure/Government of the State of São Paulo

Jean Gorinchteyn, Secretary of Health of the Government of São Paulo

The Secretary of Health of the State of São Paulo, Jean Gorinchteyn, admitted that the ideal scenario for the application of the booster dose of vaccines against covid-19 in Brazil would involve an “exchange” between immunizers from different manufacturers.

“The third dose is based on strengthening the immunity of those who respond naturally to any vaccine. The elderly naturally respond less intensely than an adult or young person,” he explained, in an interview with CNN Brasil.

“Any of the immunizing agents available and released by Anvisa are capable of promoting this reinforcement that we technically call ‘vaccine booster’, that is, we have to make use of any immunizing agent,” he said.

“If I had the vaccine from Pfizer or AstraZeneca, can I get other doses? This interchangeability will take place. What we need is to do immunization in an agile way to protect these people, mainly because we already have the Delta variant in our territory”, he added.

“If we had a lot more vaccines, and the security of having more vaccines, maybe we would make an interchangeability for all vaccine schedules, not just CoronaVac, AstraZeneca, Pfizer. But we have today a vaccine repository that is still limited”.

Regarding the decision of the Ministry of Health, which excluded the immunizing agent from the application of third doses in the country in the elderly and immunosuppressed, Gorinchteyn said it was an ‘inadvertent’ decision. He claims that the state will use the immunizing agent in the state.

“Work carried out in China showed that the 3rd dose increases the production of neutralizing antibodies by 77%, therefore, it is a good vaccine and should be included in this vaccination. Therefore, the government of São Paulo will do it this way”.

From Monday, São Paulo will vaccinate with the additional dose the elderly over 60 years and immunosuppressed over 18 years.

“We have a responsibility to prevent serious forms and deaths. Therefore, São Paulo understands that the elderly is anyone over 60 years of age and, in order to control the pandemic, exactly the transmission vectors, which are the young people who leave, also have to be protected and immunized,” said Jean Gorinchteyn.