Storm caused by Hurricane Ida wreaks havoc, chaos and tragedy in New York; residents film horror moments — watch videos

Heartbreaking… On this Wednesday night (1st), the states of New York and New Jersey experienced moments of terror as they became targets of a tropical storm, a reflection of Hurricane Ida. Over the past few days, the weather phenomenon has left traces of tragedy along the east coast of the United States, but yesterday it reached an extreme, causing floods, power outages, destruction and, unfortunately, numerous deaths.

Considered one of the biggest extreme weather events that occurred in North American territory in recent decades, the storm was registered by several residents of the Big Apple. The catastrophic results were not few and countless subway stations in the city were underwater, among them the one in Brooklyn.

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In a shocking video released by ABC News, it is possible to see public transport users facing the flood to escape the submerged station. However, according to the vehicle, the escape was of little use, as the streets near the site “turned into rivers” due to the strength and intensity of the storm and the excess water flow.

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The consequences of the weather phenomenon, unfortunately, did not stop there. The flood forced the MTA (Metropolitan Transport Authority) to suspend subway activities, due to the number of stations affected by the water. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio revealed in a conversation with ABC radio WABC that people were being evacuated from subway cars trapped underground. What anguish!

In an attempt to prevent further tragedies, local authorities advised New Yorkers to avoid transiting the streets, on foot or by car. Non-emergency vehicles were also prohibited from circulating in the city until 5:00 am local time (6:00 am in Brazil).

The airports in the area – JFK (John F. Kennedy International Airport), Newark (Newark International Airport) and La Guardia – have postponed and canceled their flights and commented on the matter through social networks: “We are facing heavy flooding due to the storm. All flight activities are currently suspended and passengers are advised to contact their respective airlines for the latest flight information and service resumption.”

big damage

All five boroughs of New York were affected by the storm. In Queens, houses and apartment complexes were washed away, causing panic among residents, who flooded social networks with records and terrified accounts of what happened. “Mad flood last night! We had a massive flood in our basement due to the area’s drains not being able to withstand the downpour. It was the second time in my life I’ve been on a tornado alert and I’m not happy about it. Honestly, I don’t know how some people live this all the time.” lamented New Yorker Emmie March on Twitter.

“Everything varied, very close to me we had floods, mainly internal with rain and very strong winds. The drains of many houses and streets are not prepared to withstand the amount we receive in such a short time. 5 km away, streets and highways were totally flooded and cars were half submerged, there were even some road closures due to flooding and stuck vehicles. There were also transformer explosions due to heavy rain and winds”, she detailed, in conversation with the

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Tragedies take hold of the east coast

NYC, however, was not the only one hit – earlier this week, Hurricane Ida had already advanced on the states of Louisiana and Mississippi, where it left five people dead and destroyed the state’s electrical system. The state of New Jersey was impacted by extreme weather yesterday and, like Blasio, Jersey Governor Phil Murphy declared a state of emergency.

Overnight, the NYPD (New York Police Department) announced that seven victims, who were between 2 and 66 years old, had died in floods in the Big Apple. The eighth death occurred in Passaic, Jersey, also due to a flood. However, this morning, the death toll after widespread flooding has risen to at least 22 people.

After the incident, the deputy police chief of Passaic, Louis Gentile, warned residents to stay in their homes, as even emergency vehicles were stuck in the floods. “We have trapped fire trucks, trapped ambulances, we have people who are still trapped and cannot get out of the water. It’s very serious”, lamented the police, in an interview with NBC.