subversive, Pabllo makes Lady Gaga sing forró

Not even in my greatest daydream, a few years ago, would I have imagined Lady Gaga releasing her booming voice in an arrocha, a forró suffering like that.

But here comes the remix “Fun Tonight”, by Pabllo Vittar, released in the early hours of today (3), as part of “Dawn of Chromatica”.

It is a disc of remixes from the tracks of “Chromatica”, Lady Gaga’s 2020 album. Among the participations, with highlights for the new versions of “911” (with Charlie XCX & AG Cook) and “Rain on Me”Rain On Me (made by Venezuela’s Arca), is the subversive remix of “Fun Tonigh”, one of the darkest lyrical songs from the original album.

Charged with giving the track a new look, Pabllo didn’t try to throw himself into an unfamiliar sonic universe. Instead of gravitating towards Lady Gaga’s aesthetic, she made the American’s music approach what she knows best, which is forró.

The original song, so dense with bringing existentialist verses and considered by Gaga herself one of the most introspective of last year’s album repertoire, turns into a suffering about loneliness with accordion and that smart saxophone that accompanies the vocal melodies like no one else.

There is a giant movement towards the internationalization of peripheral music, from reggaeton to funk. Forró also has the potential to go beyond Brazilian borders. Lady Gaga and Pabllo show, with “Fun Tonight”, that it is a possible match.

Perhaps Pabllo Vittar wants an international career. Maybe not. If she’s waiting for a signal, does anyone let you know it’s already here?

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