Team performances: Weverton and Alex Sandro save back, and Everton Ribeiro guarantees victory | cup america

Weverton: He released Vidal’s free kick into the middle of the area, but made a great save on the rebound header. It was well in a first half of many defensive difficulties for the Brazilian team. Grade: 7.0

Danilo: Tite’s order seems to be holding Chile in the first half. Of the few times he passed the midfield, he couldn’t create, as in the throw that he dominated from the chest after a reverse from Paquetá and played wrong for Gabigol. In the second stage, when he went up for the first time, he made a good play in Brazil’s goal. Grade: 6.0

Marks: He did well alongside Militão in the first half of pressure from Chile. There were three corners and six Chilean crosses for the area. But the best chance given was a free kick rebound by Vidal. He had a good chance in aerial play in the second half. He took a yellow card missing almost in the area line. Grade: 5.5

Starting players of the Brazilian team against Chile — Photo: Lucas Figueiredo / CBF

Eder Militao: On the same level as the defender. They had little chance to come out with the ball and try to build the game, in a match that Brazil was more shy than usual. Grade: 6.0

Alex Sandro: In Brazil’s confused first half, he didn’t attack and was third defender to help Militão and Marquinhos. He had the help of Vini Jr and Paquetá for the sector, but, even with difficulties, he was efficient in marking. Saved a shot by Aranguiz inside the Chilean area at the start of the second half. He crossed a good ball in the 10th minute of the second stage. Grade: 7.0

Homemade: Good pass to Gabigol at the start of the first half. He gave a weak kick in the goal in a move by Vini Jr. Then, he seemed to lose strength in the match and fell. Grade: 5.5

Bruno Guimarães: In his debut as a starter, he had a good chance in Neymar’s move. Received in the area, could have hit, but lost a little dominance. Pierced kick attempt on the rebound in front of the area. It was accurate in Isla crossing cut. Left at halftime after yellow card. Grade: 5.5

Lucas Paquetá: He tried a few moves down the middle with Neymar and, when he had space, in the counterattack link, but with difficulties closing the spaces in Chile’s midfield. At the end of the first stage, he retreated to trade with Vinicius. In the second stage, he opened up on the left and scored with Neymar in a move that should pass to Ribeiro. note: 5.5

Neymar: The ace’s worst game in the qualifiers. Which can be explained by being only his second of the season. But it was very bad. Doesn’t look in the best physical shape either. He hit a great ball for Bruno, but missed many others, dominated badly in other moves and failed to complete the goal when he received it from Gabigol. He looked like another player, ordinary and bureaucratic. He couldn’t take advantage of Bravo’s nonsense at the end. It took yellow at the end. Grade: 4.5

Everton Ribeiro celebrates after scoring in Chile vs Brazil — Photo: REUTERS/Claudio Reyes

Vini Jr: He didn’t play as a forward or attacker. He was practically left-back, double Alex Sandro. It was 45 minutes practically far from the midfield line for a good part of the time, helping with the marking. When he went ahead, he gave a good ball to Casemiro on the counterattack. Grade: 6.0

Gabigol: He received a great ball from Casemiro at the beginning and could have hit, but he tried to touch it to Neymar. Later, he made a great move and played to Neymar. But he was smart, playing first and looking for game. Grade: 5.5

They entered the second half

Gerson: replaced Bruno Guimarães. He gave a good launch for Casemiro and stuck to marking in front of the Brazilian area, with a lot of struggle. Received yellow card. Grade: 5.5

Everton Ribeiro: replaced Vini Jr, acted more centrally. He missed two moves in midfield, tight by the Chilean marking, but he tried to create by the center of the attack. He showed category and star by taking Neymar’s leftovers and scoring the goal. Grade: 7.0

Matheus Cunha: replaced Gabigol. He barely touched the ball and helped to hold Chile. Grade: 5.0