Thalia has a hard time in the United States and has a flooded mansion

Thalia, singer, published images of her mansion in U.S, which has been facing heavy rains there. With the house in critical condition, the famous still played with the situation.

“Oh my God, people, my house is flooding! Look at that, look, my God! This gives me anguish, guys”he said, literally laughing.

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At another time, the Latin singer says she was taken by surprise by what happened. “I do not believe! I came to relax a little, because it was an intense night. Well, everything is under God’s control”, commented.

at age 50, Thalia celebrated her bathing suit birthday and enchanted her thousands of fans. The streaming platform Globoplay released the soap opera ‘Marimate’, starring the singer on their platform.

Thalia shows state of the house. Photo (Instagram Reproduction / Who)

Actress went shopping for treats before the hurricane

The actress Thaila Ayala, pregnant, bought a lot of goodies to store while she waited for the hurricane to stop, after all she was warned of the event while traveling.

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scary rains

According to the G1 website, the northeast of USA has suffered from heavy rains throughout the days. In all, 41 people have died, but that number is questioned. on sunday, the U.S suffered with the hurricane Ida.