the August sales ranking

After chip crisis mess up the automotive market, automakers are now going through the recovery process. And this was very clear in the 0-km car sales ranking in August, which presented a relative change in relation to the other months. THE Volkswagen, for example, advanced in the table and surpassed the runner-up Toyota, which debuted at No. 2 in July. However, the Fiat remains in the lead dominating the podium.

Being part of the Stellantis Group, which occupied six positions among the best-selling cars, the Italian brand kept the trio Strada, Argo and Furnishings intact in the first positions. However, the Jeep, which is also part of Stellantis, has been surprising more and more. O Compass, which was in 7th place, rose to 4th position in the rankings in August.

Jeep Compass Sport Flex 2022

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Top 10 best sellers

The top ten best-selling car list for August shows that the market has not fully recovered. However, it is already possible to see an improvement. O Goal, for example, was out of the “top 15” in July, due to the pause in production, but reappeared last month. Also, the T-Cross gained space and jumped from 15th to 7th place.

already the General Motors is taking slow steps after the lack of chips. Without producing the new onix and the sedan Onix Plus, their flagships, the salvation of Chevrolet has been the success of pickup S10. In the list, the utility was in the 10th position. Look:

  • 1st) Fiat Strada – 9,111 units
  • 2) Fiat Argo – 7,711 units
  • 3rd) Fiat Mobi – 7,538 units
  • 4th) Jeep Compass – 6,819 units
  • 5th) Hyundai HB20 – 6,795 units
  • 6th) Jeep Renagde – 6,710 units
  • 7th) VW T-Cross – 6,698 units
  • 8th) Fiat Toro – 6,685 units
  • 9th) Hyundai Crete – 4,822 units
  • 10) GM S/10 – 4,798 units
  • 11th) Toyota Corolla Cross – 4,789 units
  • 12th) Toyota Hilux – 4,363 units
  • 13th) Toyota Corolla – 4,354 units
  • 14th) VW Gol – 4,082 units
  • 15th) Honda HR-V – 3,878 units
  • 16th) Renault Kwid – 3,764 units

Volkswagen reclaims space

After more than 30 days with the Taubaté (SP) plant stopped, Volkswagen began to recover its position in the ranking of brands. In other words, the German brand took over the place of Toyota, which had been in second place in July, in an unprecedented way. That’s because of Gol and T-Cross that returned to the dispute in the month.

Volkswagen Goal

However, GM, which has been the market leader since 2015, has yet to show signs of reaction. After dropping from 1st to 7th in the July rankings, the automaker managed to climb to 6th place, but still without counting many victories in August. Look: