‘The world is changing’ · TV News

Chosen to replace Fausto Silva at Domingão, Luciano Huck recognized the relevance of the veteran’s work and stated that he intends to update Globo’s program. “My role is to follow this path of success, but ‘updating the software’, because the world is changing, and that’s necessary,” said the presenter.

In a statement sent by the station to the press this Thursday (2), Angelica’s husband assessed his expectations for the debut of Domingão with Huck next Sunday (5) after 21 years in command of Caldeirão do Huck, on Saturdays.

“I think life is made in cycles. So, you need to have the wisdom to open, see and close the cycles with the best you can give in each one of them. The Cauldron cycle was 21 years very well lived, that do not come back, but that are kept in the memory and fulfilled a chapter in the history of television in a very powerful and affective way for me,” he recalled.

“Now, I’m starting a new cycle. I think there’s a certain symbolism in starting a new professional cycle at age 50 and at a time when the country needs to pick up the pieces after such a difficult year. Being able to have the strength of open television, I think it’s a privilege and a moment to be taken seriously. It’s a time of hard work, a lot of creativity and a lot of connection with reality”, evaluated the Globo employee.

To take on Sundays in Faustão’s place, Luciano Huck gave up running for presidential elections in 2022 and is rooting for the success of the new Sunday format.

“Sunday is a sacred day for families. It is the day when everyone gathers in front of the television. We need to revere those who came before us at this time [de domingo]. From Trapalhão to Silvio Santos, but especially Fausto Silva. In addition to being a friend, he has always been a reference and an inspiration”, praised the communicator.

“My role is to follow that path of success, but ‘updating the software,’ because the world is changing and that’s necessary,” he explained.

Fausto Silva was released from Globo after 32 years at the company. On June 17 of this year, Globo communicated the termination of Faustão’s contract after a medical leave taken by the presenter. He had a tense meeting with the station, in which the end of Domingão do Faustão was defined. There was no chance for the veteran to say goodbye to the public.

Marcos Mion was hired by Globo months later to take charge of Caldeirão in a new format, which debuts this Saturday (4).