“They have talent and will help now”


Names like João Pedro, Juninho, Léo Linck, João Vialle, Dudu, Rômulo and Julimar were options against FC Cascavel and should have more chances in the 2021 sequence

Photo: Robson Mafra/AGIF (Photo: 1687)


Photo: Robson Mafra/AGIF (Photo: 1687)

The tie against FC Cascavel by 1-1, last Wednesday (01), for the first leg of the semifinal of the Paraná Championship, frustrated the fans of the athletic. It is true that, of the four competitions in which Hurricane is in dispute, the State is the one with the least relevance on the scale, so much so that António Oliveira has selected a team full of reserves. However, athletic patience ended with several of the group, such as Carlos Eduardo, Canesin, Jadson, Renato Kayzer, among other medallions.

Carlos Eduardo, for example, had already been criticized on social networks and the situation got even worse with the penalty committed at the end of the match that sealed the draw for Cascavel’s team. The attacker is loaned by Palmeiras until the end of next year, with a purchase option at the end of the period. On the other hand, António gave the opportunity to more pás revealed at CT do Caju.

Midfielder Juninho and midfielder João Pedro, both from the under-20 squad, debuted in the Athletico main team. The Portuguese coach promised new chances for the base athletes, mainly with the Hurricane games marathon and for the limited cast, one of the rubro-negro fans’ complaints on the web.

António Oliveira has kept the promise of giving a chance to Athletico’s base players in the team (Photo: Photo: Robson Mafra/AGIF)

“Athletico is a training club and, from this perspective, whenever I have this opportunity, I will not hesitate because the boys have talent and will certainly help now and in the future. only from the cast, but also from competitions, talents are born that will help Athletico a lot in the future”, António said at a post-game press conference.

On the bench against FC Cascavel, another 5 piás remained as an option: goalkeeper Léo Linck, defender João Vialle, midfielder Dudu and forwards Rômulo and Julimar. Recently in the Brazilian Championship, António has been betting on the young Jader as a starter in recent matches. The midfielder is one of the great bets of the athletic base, which has just sold Vitinho to Dynamo Kiev, from Ukraine.