“They’re going to be crazy like their mother”

Two days ago, Mirella Santos, who is on the air on the reality Ilha Record, left the singles team for the married ones and is enjoying the moment with her husband, surfer Gabriel Farias. In the column Leo Dias, Gêmea Lacrão tells that the athlete was the one who took the initiative when he arrived from a trip. The two are already in Ilhabela, on the north coast of São Paulo, the place chosen for their honeymoon.

“I’m very happy, it was always a dream to get married and build a family, and the beginning of this dream is already being fulfilled! He was the one who took the initiative, he arrived from a trip saying he had a surprise. First, I had a laugh because I’m one of those (laughs), but then I was super emotional”, she reveals.

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The 22-year-old from Pernambuco doesn’t hide that she dreams of having children. “In the future, we want to have our tobacconists, who will be crazy like their mother (laughs), and I’m sure we’ll be very happy, we’re very similar in everything”, he says. “Of course, if there wasn’t a pandemic, we would want a party with a lot of people, but because of the moment we are still living in, we opted for something more intimate and celebrate at home only with our family”, says Mirella.

She continues: “We chose Ilhabela because it is close to home and has beautiful beaches there. I am very happy”.

On Tuesday (8/31), Mirella shared photos of her wedding on social media with followers, and wrote: “Oh my God, I got married! I am very grateful to God for making my dreams come true and I am sure that we will build a beautiful family. I love you, frofrozinho.”