Thiagão is gold in the shot with a Brazilian double; Marco is bronze – 03/09/2021

Brazil won a double on the podium of the shot put in class F57 (for athletes who compete in wheelchairs with sequelae of polio, spinal cord injuries, amputations) in the Tokyo Paralympics. Brazilians Thiago Paulino and Marco Aurélio two of the top three brands and leave Tokyo with a gold and a bronze medal, making their name in the history of the greatest sporting event in the world.

Thiago Paulino competed last, and redesigned the race. After beating his opponents on the second attempt, he won the unprecedented 15.10m Paralympic gold medal. The race was full of records, but the Paralympic won the gold medal.

Paralympic and world record holder, the athlete accumulates important achievements in his curriculum. In 2019, he was gold in the shot put at the Dubai Worlds, and gold in the shot at Parapan de Lima. In 2017, he won gold in the shot put and discus at the London Worlds. In 2015, in Toronto, Thiago won gold in the shot put and bronze in the discus.

Thiago started his sports career in 2011, after being invited by a physical education teacher. A year earlier, the athlete amputated his leg due to a motorcycle accident in 2010.

Brazilian Marco Aurélio Lima Borges, who also competed in the competition, won the bronze medal, after being surpassed by the Chinese Guoshan WO, who broke the Paralympic record and surpassed the mark that the Brazilian had previously achieved. He failed in three attempts, but in the first he managed 13.98m. His best mark, of his career and of the race, came next, with 14.85m.

The athlete gave his first steps in the trajectory within the sport when he won bronze in the discus and javelin throwing at Parapan in Rio de Janeiro, in 2007. The conquest of the Paralympic medal is unprecedented in his career and the best.

Marco Aurélio had to amputate his leg in 1998, after a motorcycle accident. Six years later, he had his first contact with athletics.