Tirulipa talks about shoulder surgery after a fall from a motorcycle in a condominium: ‘Eleven screws and a plate’

Tirulipa continues with his recovery at home. This after, according to him, having undergone shoulder surgery. The medical procedure was necessary after the 36-year-old comedian suffered a fall from a motorcycle on the streets of the condominium where he lives. He says he was being discreet, but his friend Wesley Safadão found out what had happened and shared scenes of Tirulipa with a sling in one of her arms, in addition to the bandage at the shoulders.

“On (last) Friday, I got splintered. That was it: I fell on a motorcycle inside the condominium, a nonsense. Out of nowhere, passing between the spine and the sidewalk… I thank God for not hitting my head. , I went to support my arm in the fall, fractured my collarbone. I had surgery, eleven screws and a plate,” he says, who made a point of thanking the doctors who performed the procedure.

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He says he has some difficulty doing everything with his left hand, as his right arm is still immobilized. He adds that he should keep the sling on his arm for the next 15 or 20 days.

Tirulipa, of course, made fun of the situation. To followers on the web, he told that the accident had occurred inside the bathroom: he had dozed off while he was sitting on the toilet and had fallen. He did, however, narrate the real reason in his Instagram profile stories.

Tirulipa Photo: Reproduction – INstagram

Tirulipa recovers at home
Tirulipa recovers at home Photo: Recovery – Instagram
Tirulipa underwent surgery
Tirulipa underwent surgery Photo: Reproduction- Instagram
Tirullipa lost 12kg
Tirullipa lost 12kg Photo: Reproduction/Instagram