Tite recognizes change of strategy against Chile and ‘absolve’ Neymar – 03/09/2021

Hours after the 1-0 victory over Chile in the ninth round of the Qatar World Cup qualifiers, coach Tite said he takes criticism “naturally” and that the Brazilian team underwent a change in strategy throughout the match. after seeing his initial training not live up to expectations in the first half. Despite the victory and 100% success, the performance was in check.

“It’s a big challenge to establish movement coordination, links, a gear of 11 athletes who have never played together, to adjust. Sometimes you need to make these changes within the game or at half-time. It was a first half with defensive solidity and a second half in a more balanced way, with possession of the ball and aggressive,” summarized the coach.

Tite gave a press conference at the hotel where the delegation is staying in Santiago and not at the Monumental Stadium due to a commercial issue involving CBF and the Chilean Federation. The interview was recorded and made available this morning (3). According to Tite, there were two moments of change in strategy: when he reversed the position of Lucas Paquetá and Vini Jr in the first half and when he pulled out Vini Jr and Bruno Guimarães for the entries of Everton Ribeiro and Gérson at half-time.

“First and second half were quite different. In the first half what we brought: we knew that Chile would make an accelerated first half, looking for the score because of the need to win inside the table. We proposed high marks in the goal kick. If you watch the videos, we would position on goal kick three players to take the ball out of the Chile team, this compaction. On the other hand, we didn’t put medium pressure where the ball transits. In some circumstances, the ball in the goalkeeper’s hand, returns to the midfield line, gives space for Chile to keep the ball in the dead zone and for them to try the pass in this transition. We, with Neymar, Vinicius Jr, Gabriel Barbosa, Paquetá, full-back on the respective side and Bruno Guimarães, pull the counterattack and be effective” , he said, before justifying what went wrong:

“We had an opportunity, but there was a little more lack of coordination of movements, of integration, even of a team that barely adjusted, that little or never played together. We suffered from too much possession and started to correct it from the moment which changed the structure with the exchange of Vini Jr and Paquetá. Chile established a strong volume and even so we removed the infiltrations, submissions were at medium distance. But it was less than what we had expected.”

Tite - Playback/CBF TV - Playback/CBF TV

Tite and assistant Cleber Xavier during Chile 0 x 1 Brazil post-match press conference

Image: Playback / CBF TV

About the second half, Tite opened for his assistant Cleber Xavier to explain the dynamics: “At halftime we resume the entry of a midfielder from the inside, which is Everton, doing what Paquetá did. And also the entry of Gérson with sustain, which holds the ball well, gives rhythm. Two important ones came in, because Paquetá organized the marking sector better and we balanced. When Chile changes to 4-3-3 we go to 4-4-2 with Everton Ribeiro on the right, keeping Paquetá further along the left on the second row and Gabriel and Neymar. Then Matheus Cunha, who supports the central marking and leaves at speed.”

Everton Ribeiro was the author of the winning goal for Brazil in the 18th minute of the second half, taking advantage of the rebound of a defense by Claudio Bravo after a submission by Neymar. Tite was also asked about the performance of the shirt 10, who appeared to be far from his best physical condition and even answered criticism about it. The coach temporized:


Neymar played the 100 minutes of the victory over Chile, yesterday (2), away from home


“All the athletes are affected in their technical condition in this season restart, this is not his privilege [Neymar]. Everyone who stayed still feels, there’s Matheus Cunha, who had an injury problem and almost didn’t come, he entered just one part of the game, so all the players have, some more, others less.”

The Brazilian team returns from Chile at 4 pm. The next game is on Sunday, at the same time, against Argentina.

Read other responses from Tite:

Selection at the sweet spot and reviews

“Ideal point, no. It’s a team building phase and I hope it is in the fullness of its condition at the Worlds, in the process of growth and evolution. There are many people I represent, who see themselves in me with my pursuit of professional improvement, my ethical side, my education or not education, you know? With my style. And they identify with me. To them my affection, consideration, joy, my sharing for everything that has happened, including these impressive numbers . To others, which is normal, that I don’t represent, as well as in a society that is different, there are many people that I don’t represent because I’m not the style, they don’t see the balanced football that I see, who soon prefer another way, which is normal and natural, for these people I understand, because there are people in other sectors who do not represent me. I have to be natural and knowledgeable about all these issues.”

New options in the team:

“We talked about one of the important aspects: those who didn’t come had some problems. Who came and was called up has nothing to do with other situations, that they grab their opportunities, go in, play a lot, that they have public recognition and ours, because as soon as you play football, you compete at a high level in a loyal way. And we promote that. When we do tactical work we always want to do it with everyone, offensive and defensive set pieces, coordination of movements, with everyone. Work is the same, preparation is the same for everyone. compete and the opportunity arises.”

Selection - Lucas Figueiredo/CBF - Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

Marquinhos (4) embraces the Brazilian team players in the match against Chile, for the qualifiers

Image: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

Entry by Everton Ribeiro:

“The entry of another midfielder established this balanced relationship. The first half would be faster, we knew that about Chile. wide open on the left side was for confrontation with Isla, who doesn’t have that speed and torque, and in the counterattack exit, we got ahead. , well in the amplitude. We corrected it during the game with Paquetá, who leaves an external situation so that Vinicius can play as a forward. The team was built over time.”

Defender without Marks:

“I’m very calm with Lucas Veríssimo and Miranda. I haven’t thought about it yet, but I watched the game live, me and Juninho [Paulista, coordenador da seleção], Palmeiras x São Paulo, and Miranda played a lot with results. Lucas is in a great moment, as Santos was very close to being called up. It’s fine. They’re both training, they’re prepared and they know they’re in a position to play.”