Van Dijk denies selfie and pushes fan who broke into interview – Prism

The Netherlands drew 1-1 with Norway on Wednesday (1), but one of the highlights of the match was far from the events on the field. After the game, defender Virgin Van Djik, from the Netherlands and Liverpool, starred in a controversial scene.

The player was giving an interview to a local vehicle when he was interrupted by a fan who invaded the pitch to try to take a photo with the Dutch captain. Unlike other athletes, who usually sympathize in these situations, Van Djik didn’t like anything and gave a push to the young man who was trying to take a “selfie” with him.

“Vin Djik, Vin Djik! Please photo! Please photo”, shouted the fan before being pushed by the athlete. The defender continued his interview normally, not caring about the attacker.

On the field, the two teams tied for 1-1, a result not very good for either team. The Norwegians opened the scoring with Haaland, in a wonderful move by the European football sensation striker, but the Netherlands came to draw with Klaassen.

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