Vidal “let himself fall”, assesses VAR in a penalty shot claimed by Chile against the Brazilian team | Brazilian Team

A collision between Casemiro and Vidal in Brazil’s victory over Chile — Photo: Reproduction

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In the most controversial play of the match, a collision between Casemiro and Vidal in the Brazilian area at the 41st minute of the second half, the VAR agreed with the decision of the field referee, Peruvian Diego Haro, who did not see a penalty.

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Surrounded by Chilean players, Haro awaited the VAR’s lengthy analysis, which sought different angles to find the point of contact between the players, concluding that there was no lack of Casemiro.

“(Vidal) dropped himself,” the referee said to the VAR’s booth.

“It’s inside the area, let’s see,” said the Peruvian Victor Carrillo, responsible for the VAR.

– You have to see if there is movement of the arm (of the Brazilian steering wheel). They are not finding the moment of contact – commented Carrillo to justify the delay in the analysis.

After asking for different angles to detect the point of contact, the VAR team concluded that the referee was right by not taking a penalty.

– For me, no (there is lack). The player (Vidal) drops first. Everything checked, there is no fault there – concluded Carrillo.

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The analyzes of two other bids were released by Conmebol. 33 minutes into the match, Eugenio Mena received a cross in the area and played for Ivan Morales, who couldn’t finish but shared with goalkeeper Weverton and saw the ball enter the left corner of the Brazilian goal. The assistant pointed out Mena’s offside at the time of Vidal’s cross, and the VAR confirmed the decision.

In the other move analyzed, at 23 of the second half, a possible penalty for Brazil was reviewed by the VAR, which again kept the field decision, after the ball involuntarily touched Morales’ arm in the Chilean area, after a dispute with the defender Marquinhos.

– Nothing, nothing. Hand on the body – observed referee Diego Haro in conversation with the VAR booth.

“He kicks it out himself, and the ball hits his arm, in a natural motion,” agreed Carrillo after reviewing the move in the video.