Vidal shoots Brazilian striker: “Who knows this clown?”

Vidal can play at Flamengo.

Credit: Mendes Buddha/Getty Images

Away from the streak of the qualifiers by the Premier League veto, Richarlison didn’t miss a chance to provoke Vidal after Brazil beat Chile. That’s because the forward recalled a statement from the defensive midfielder in which he projected the reunion with the Seleção after the duel at Copa América, which ended with a victory for Tite’s team.

“The two-time champion brought you to your knees. See you in Chile, but without help“he wrote at the time.

Thus, Vidal didn’t let it go and countered the provocation. Covering Richarlison’s face with the image of a clown, the Chilean asked, in an ironic tone, who the player was.

“And who do you know this clown?”, answered.

Irritated by a possible penalty that was not awarded to Chile, Vidal criticized the refereeing of the clash. Thus, the steering wheel questioned the use of the VAR in the qualifiers and Conmebol’s stance on athletes’ complaints.

“I wonder how people won’t mind. What is the VAR for? I do not understand. Then you are punished and fined, but we are like that. I do not want to talk about this. They take words and then punish me, or the Chilean national team. Already happened. Now we have to prepare well for the game against Ecuador”, he said.


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