Video of a motorcycle riding alone in a parking lot in Londrina goes viral; WATCH | North and Northwest

The video of a motorcycle riding alone in a parking lot in Londrina, in the northern region of Paraná, went viral on social networks. The registration was made on August 28th, but gained repercussion in recent days. Watch above.

In the images it is possible to see the motorcycle parked in a parking space in a condominium in the city. Moments later, the bike starts moving slowly.

The parking light sensor is also activated, making the environment bright. Then the bike falls to the ground.

The owner of the motorcycle, Darcy Furquim, said that he arrived home from work around 19:00 and left the vehicle parked, as he does every day.

The motorcyclist said that he noticed that the motorcycle was on the ground when he left the house to walk the dog. Checking the security camera footage, Darcy said he was surprised.

“It is a situation that is out of the ordinary, but it is not a situation that is a ghost, a spirit, I believe. It must have been a breakdown,” he said.

Motorbike was spotted walking alone in Londrina — Photo: Security camera

Darcy said that the case ended up causing damage to him, as the motorcycle ended up damaging a car that was parked nearby. The motorcyclist said he must pay R$1.9 thousand for the repair.

Also, Darcy remembered that he had taken the key out of the ignition. Even so, one hypothesis raised by him was that the vehicle was in gear.

Finding the image curious, the motorcyclist decided to post the images on a social network. He said he didn’t expect the video to have a big repercussion.

“It was something that happened, it’s a fact. It was very confusing, but I think there was an exaggeration. Really, the video was sinister. Each person ends up commenting on something,” he said.

Darcy uses a motorcycle to work every day — Photo: Personal archive

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