Video shows ex-boss assaulting a nanny in Imbuí; victim jumped from the 3rd floor

The images of a security camera placed in the living room of Melina Esteves França’s apartment, in a middle-class condominium in the Imbuí neighborhood, in Salvador, show the moment when the then-boss beats and slaps nanny Raiana Ribeiro, 25 years, hours before the young woman jumps off the 3rd floor to escape aggression and imprisonment.

Raiana, who is one of the 11 victims who have already denounced Melina for assaults and threats, appears sitting on the sofa, next to Melina, when she slaps the young woman across the face and then begins a series of punches and tugs on her hair. The ex-boss even hits the young woman on the back with both hands, who tries to defend herself. The situation occurred on the 25th.

You can still hear Melina ask if the victim thinks what she was doing is right, asks for respect, and calls the girl horrific. Next to it, another woman appears with a child in her arms. It is possible to hear the baby crying, who witnesses the aggressions.

The information that the video is the day of the aggression was confirmed this Thursday afternoon (2) by Raiana’s defense. Melina’s lawyer decided to drop the case on Wednesday.

remember the case
Raiane Ribeiro was working taking care of children in an apartment in the Residential Building Absolutto when she fell from the third floor. Rescued to the State General Hospital (HGE), she testified at the unit’s police station and said she jumped from the window to escape her mistress.

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According to the employee, she was assaulted and locked in a room in the house, after having her cell phone taken by her boss. It all started when she announced that she wanted to leave her job after a week of being hired.

Raiane spoke with CORREIO last Wednesday night (25) and reported the traumatic moments he experienced. Born in the municipality of Itanagra, 120 km from Salvador, she said she saw the job ad on a website and decided to apply.

After contacting the advertiser, the nanny exchanged information and after a few video calls was hired to work. “After I saw the ad, I got in touch, and the agreement was to work full time and take a break every 15 days,” said Raiane.

However, after starting work, Raiane says that she received a new job offer and that after informing her boss, she was threatened. “When I asked to leave work, she replied, ‘I want to see if you’re leaving. I’m not a slut. You’re not leaving,” recalled the nanny.

The threat, according to Raiane, would have occurred on Tuesday (24). The nanny would have asked her sister for help over the phone. Raiane’s sister then got in touch with an aunt who lives in Salvador. After the contact, a man would have gone to the building where Raiane works, but after making contact over the intercom, the boss said that Raiane was not there.

This Wednesday (25), a person returned to the building at the request of Raiane’s aunt to look for the young woman, according to her, this time, the boss pulled the intercom wiring to avoid contact. With no outside contact, Raiane says she was locked in the bathroom. Desperate, she tried to escape through the tipper.

“She locked me in the bathroom, then I saw the tipper and decided to run away to reach the window of the apartment next door and ask for help, but then I couldn’t and I got hung up. Then I fell,” she says.

She fell into an apartment located on the first floor and was rescued. Raiane fractured her heel, and had stitches on her forehead, in addition to having some bruises on her body. She was discharged the same day.

But Melina Esteves França’s aggressive behavior with domestic workers has been reported since 2018, at least, when she still lived in Piatã. A group of former employees went to the 9th Precinct to testify about the threats of imprisonment and physical and verbal aggression last Friday (27).

Until Monday (30), there were records of 11 victims of the same woman. At least 4 in the current apartment that the accused lives, in the neighborhood of Imbuí, and the others in her former residence, in Itapuã. Cases are investigated by the Civil Police.