Virginia exposes a conversation with Zé Felipe and a photo before fame. Look!

Zé Felipe’s mother points out Virginia’s help in her career

Poliana Rocha, wife of Leonardo, said that her daughter-in-law supported her in the beginning of her career as a digital influencer. “I’m so grateful to Virginia because [a carreira de influencer] it was at the very beginning of her relationship with Zé and she stayed here at home for a few days. She encouraged me a lot, supported me,” wrote Zé Felipe’s mother.

The journalist added: “She may not have even realized it, but I’m grateful for that. She supported me, helped me. I didn’t know how to make videos, she taught me a lot, she still teaches me, even today she taught me at the airport” . On the web, Virginia gives back to her mother-in-law. “I love you Poli! You are wonderful in everything you do,” he indicated.

This week, Poliana suffered the loss of a puppy in a domestic accident while she was traveling. Days later, the influencer was presented by the son and daughter-in-law with a puppy identical to the old pet.

Virginia feels nauseous and took a pregnancy test: ‘Too much robbery’

Followed by 25 million Internet users on the web, Virginia said that she recently felt nauseated and decided to buy a drugstore pregnancy test in the face of suspected pregnancy.

YouTuber detailed that she had not menstruated since the baby’s birth. “I was too upset because I hadn’t gone down yet. Since Maria Alice was born, my menstruation hadn’t gone down. I went wrong at a level that I even tested,” said the American, pointing out that the result had been negative.

On her Youtuber channel, Virgínia explained that she and Zé Felipe postponed their second pregnancy. Initially, they had plans to get pregnant in the first quarter of 2022. She, however, decided to postpone it a little longer: “At the end of next year I’m going to get pregnant. Then in 2023 it’s born”.