Virginia Fonseca has skin reaction after mixing treatments

Virginia Fonseca has her skin peeling after doing artificial tanning while she is undergoing laser treatment to remove stretch marks. The influencer showed the reaction on the skin of her leg this Thursday (02), after showing her body 3 months after giving birth to her daughter with Zé Felipe, and revealing her current weight this week. Virginia’s followers followed her struggle to lose the 20kg acquired after pregnancy, leading to the natural marks of drastic body changes exhibited by other famous ones.

“I’m doing treatment with stretch marks, right, and then I’m peeling from the treatment for stretch marks. I did the bronze yesterday and the skin that had the bronze peeled off. Oh my God, but, other than that, everything is perfect,” he said while exhibiting the thigh before traveling to the coast with the family, including Maria Alice, whose three-month meversary party took Virginia’s fall.

“The cap shorts and the flawless bronze, pretending to be the beauty who takes the sun,” she joked. “Short cap and all right” wrote in the caption of the video. See the gallery above!

Mesversario de Maria Alice: what happened at the party of Zé Felipe and Virgínia Fonseca’s daughters

This Monday (30), Maria Alice completed three months of life. The baby who already has her own Instagram and fans on social media had a party with the “Donut Shop” theme. The event featured several types and flavors of sweets.

In the middle of a photo shoot with her grandparents, Virginia was so excited that she accidentally bumped into a part of the decor. Poliana Rocha, Leonardo’s wife and Zé Felipe’s mother, had the little girl on her lap and laughed at the situation, acting in a relaxed way. The influencer maintains a good relationship with her daughter-in-law, and has even made a declaration of gratitude to her.

The young couple plans to live in a new mansion, with about 6 thousand square meters, in the same condominium where they currently live, for rent, with Margareth and Mario Serrão, parents of Virgínia Fonseca.

Virginia gained over 20kg during pregnancy

A week before discovering the pregnancy, Virginia, who was teased by her husband in a before and after photo, underwent the new surgery dear to the famous, lipo LAD. About two months after Maria Alice’s birth, the American celebrated that her pre-pregnancy belly was returning, so the surgery had been a success, even with the pregnancy.

Virgínia Fonseca followed a heavy diet and exercise routine, initially walking and then going to the gym at the condominium in Goiânia, in addition to adhering to low carb, which consists of consuming the least amount of carbohydrates possible.