“We’re going to have to sell a well-selling athlete”; Atlético goes far from the goal of BRL 120 million and patrons warns

Atletico Mineiro

After high investments to hire big players, Galo needs to think about the budgeted sales target; the club is still far from the value

Cuca: coach received large reinforcements and had no significant casualties (Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF)


Cuca: coach received large reinforcements and had no significant casualties (Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF)

O Athletic was one of the Brazilian football clubs that invested the most in hires in recent seasons. Without sparing efforts to strengthen the squad of coach Cuca and counting on the assistance of investors, Galo assembled a team that is already showing its strength. In the last transfer window, the main team passed unscathed, what is a good news to maintain quality, but at the same time, turn on the alert for the future.

While the cast gained strength to compete for titles, the Athletic stayed away of annual goal with negotiations. The amount raised by the club so far is distant gives goal outlined by the board, which predicted BRL 120 million in sales, according to the budget approved by the Deliberative Council on November 30, 2020.

THE biggest transfer in 2021 it was browny to Midtjylland, Denmark, by BRL 27.5 million (of these, BRL 18.3 million will be paid in cash and the rest, in June 2023). Soon after, the defender’s sales appear Gabriel, to Yokohama FC, from Japan, by BRL 10.2 million, from the steering wheel Leo Sena, to spezia, from Italy, BRL 8.1 million, and the middle David Terans, which came out to the Athletic-PR per BRL 7.5 million.

Hulk and Diego Costa: reinforcements arrived at the club recently (Photo: Pedro Souza / Atlético / Publicity)

Already considering the second installment by Marrony, Atlético raised R$ 53.3 million, according to data from Superesportes. The club still performed minor operations, as the output of Edinho, which went to the strength per less than BRL 2 million. With the transfer windows in the main European countries closed, Galo can still close deals with alternative markets, but this is not the trend at the moment.

In this scenario, the patron Rafael Menin, son of Rubens Menin and also businessman and CEO of MRV Engenharia. “(Target of) Sales of athletes we haven’t reached yet. We did well until August and we’re going to have to sell a well-sold athlete in the December window“, he stated. Behind the scenes, a youth list is seen with sales potential: Guga (23), Nathan Silva (24), Guilherme Arana (24), Matías Zaracho (24), Savarino (24) and Sávio (17).