What has been improved compared to the original

EA Motive shared information about the development of the Dead Space remake. Among the many new features shown are graphical improvements, combat physics, plot twists and the fact that Gunner Wright, Isaac Clarke’s former voice actor, is back.

The remake of the first Dead Space, released in 2008, was officially announced in July and will only be aimed at the new generation of consoles. The horror game was remade from scratch using the Frostbite graphics engine, but EA Motive promises to implement improvements where necessary, in addition to keeping the new game faithful to the original. Check out everything that was revealed in the presentation with the developers.

How does the remake compare to the original visually

The first thing the developers showed was how the remake is looking, visually speaking. However, the studio reminded viewers that the preview being shown was pre-production, and should not represent the game in its final version.

Still, Dead Space Remake looks amazing. The scenarios are being built based on the original game layout, but with much more details around, such as texture, lighting, character modeling, among others. During the performance, a brief moment of the remake in action was shown, where Isaac is seen walking down a hallway.

Credit: EA Motive
Credits: EA Motive

If it’s not broken…

The studio has said it will keep some of the same features as the original game, such as rhythm; while some parts are being improved. Isaac’s dialogues are a good example of this, as well as changes to specific gameplay elements.

By showing the Zero-G Therapy Room, EA Motive unveiled improved physics, the addition of 360° motion and thrusters. There will also be story enhancements that will make Isaac’s adventure aboard the Ishimura better connect with the other games.

No microtransactions

Again, the developers confirmed that there will be no microtransactions in Dead Space Remake. This is something EA Motive told the IGN in an interview, right after the official announcement of the title. However, the devs want to reinforce that aspect about the remake.

Dead Space Remake is still in the early stages of development and production has just started. This means that it will take some time before the game is released.

* Translated by Jessica Pinheiro.

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