Whindersson Nunes makes another vent after breaking up with Maria Lina

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This Tuesday (31) Whindersson Nunes made a post on his Twitter, talking about his son João Miguel who survived just two days after birth. The child was born prematurely at 22 weeks and 2 days of gestation.

In an outburst on his official Twitter account, he describes that “he was missing his son” and that his son would be “a nice guy”. “I woke up missing João Miguel so much, I wanted to meet that guy, he was going to be a nice guy, but it will pass”, he said.

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Fans comment on post by Whindersson Nunes

Soon after this post, many fans of the comedians gave him strength, as one who wrote: “God’s plans are greater than your Whind. God does not give us a burden that we cannot carry, however difficult, we have to follow. Your parenting moment will come at the right time, with the right person and with a perfect baby. Believe in him! We’re together”, said another follower.

Another follower declares: “Everything happens for a reason, however difficult it is to understand. One day you will still meet. Be alright”. Even with all these comments, Whindersson still made another post, questioning that “avoid talking to someone because he knows he’s going to be upset”.

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Soon after this comment, certain opinions were divided on the internet, some followers were more understandable saying that they understand him, on the other hand others said that the humorist does not understand the purpose of God.

“God’s purpose as x you don’t understand .. they are more for our growth”, said an internet user, “When I lost my baby , the first thing they came to say is ” it was not meant to be yours ” this happened a year ago and it hurts like it was today be mine ?”, said another.

“I lost my parents because of the covid and people were like “God is doing something…” and look, I can’t swallow. Nobody should dare to put in a line like that. There is no purpose for those who stay because of the death of those who leave”, said a follower.

“Dude, it takes calm and time. I lost a child too, in a pregnancy that my wife gave birth to in the fallopian tubes, but to tell you good, God writes straight with crooked lines. I am the father of an amazing girl that I love with passion. Guard your heart with faith, continue with your struggles that will soon come”, said another.

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