Who wins the Ilha Record? Reality final will have two winners; Understand · TV News

After a sequence of tests and the challenges of confinement in Paraty (RJ), the champions of Ilha Record will be defined next Thursday (9), during a live program. The dispute led by Sabrina Sato will have two winners: one elected by performance in the final test and the other chosen by the public, through a vote in R7.

The grand prize of R$500,000 will be played between the last two explorers to remain in the competition. The reality show has already been fully recorded, but not even the finalists know who will take the amount home.

“The result will only be on the day of the live, in the final. They don’t even know, because we have the finalists, but we will only know which one won when the calculation of the stones they took there on Treasure Island is done, so there’s no way to get out,” explained director Rodrigo Carelli, in an interview with Link Podcast.

According to sources in the report, Pyong Lee and Any Borges are the finalists for the attraction. This count presented by the director will be done after a live laundry wash, in which the explorers will be asked about their experience in the reality show.

The second winner will win R$ 250,000, and all 13 explorers compete in the popular vote. In the poll of TV news, Pyong appears as the public’s favorite for the prize, with 24.75% of the votes. Mirella Santos, the Twin Lacration, is in second place, with 19.51%. Nadja Pessoa has 14.92% of the votes and is in third place in the survey.

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