Widow of MC Kevin Rebuts Criticism for Using Top Cropped in Audience – Entertainment

Deolane Bezerra, MC Kevin’s widow, rebutted criticism from internet users because of the look chosen for a day’s work. Deolane, who is a criminal lawyer, posed wearing a cropped top under her gown during a hearing and had her outfit questioned.

“Deolane cropped in a legal hearing, that’s the end of professionalism. There’s clothes for every occasion, right?”, wrote a netizen on Twitter. “Doing cropped hearings is not enough, right? There is a code of ethics to be respected”, posted another one. “Doing cropped audiences, then Deolane forced it”, commented another one.

In Instagram stories, she responded to messages and said that not even the judge complained about her look.

“An independent woman bothers a lot of people. A woman who doesn’t care about anything bothers me a lot more. They’re canceling me because I wore a cropped under my gown,” began the funkeiro’s widow.

“The office is mine, the client is mine, the judge didn’t complain and I had my gown on. Imagine if it was just cropped? You don’t help me, right? One kiss for those who love me and two for those who hate me” , he completed, in a tone of irony.

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