With a lot of Brazilianness, Juliette releases her first musical EP!

The wait is over! After breaking all pre-save records on Spotify Brazil, Juliette took courage and released his first musical EP, this Thursday (2/09). The work has six new tracks, which are: “blessing”, “difference Mara”, “Candy”, “I do not know”, “benzin” and “Geek that’s hot“. All with a lot of Brazilianness and reinforcing the northeastern origins of Paraíba.

Juliette’s musical career was eminent. The makeup artist just let out her voice through the rooms of the “Big Brother Brazil 21”, from Globo, a reality show from which she was champion, for the public to fall in love with the soft and sweet tone of the star. With a powerful cover, signed by Giovanni Bianco, the work impacts not only for the quality, but also for its unpretentiously goodvibes songs.

Photo: Bruno Rezende / FERNANDO TOMAZ

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The time has come to take on my best face. Meet the cover of my dream! Music has always been my refuge, it takes me to beautiful places… Here I am! My EP will be available on all streaming platforms“, she wrote when presenting the cover of her first work in the song.

And Juliette’s first single already has a first and last name. It’s about the track “difference Mara”. The song was chosen as the project’s single and began to be developed when the singer was still confined to the house of “Big Brother Brasil 21″.

“Mara difference” is a composition of juze and Dann Costara, produced by Rafinha RSQ at the invitation of Anitta. The song should bring some elements of northeastern music, implemented by Rafinha in the production. Check out the video:

“The day I went to the studio to record the album’s song tabs for Juliette to listen to when she left the house, just at the time I was in the studio recording these voices, that was when Juliette was in the bathroom talking to Pocah, saying ‘And Anitta, what’s it like, huh? Will she like me? Will she want to be my friend?’ (…) For me, it was a really crazy connection thing that happened during this whole process…”, said Anitta.

Despite being Juiette’s first EP, the work was already born acclaimed. It’s just the pre-save on Spotify of the first EP by Paraiba, champion of the “BBB 21”, has already broken all registration records here in Brazil: there are no less than 222,000, until yesterday (1/09). Adding all platforms, the strategy already has 600 thousand subscribers. Okay or want more?

Exclusive: Juliette answers questions on Spotify about EP
Juliette is the cover of Spotify’s “Hot Hits” Playlist and uses the “Spotify Clips” tool. Photo: Disclosure/Spotify

And the expectations for the release are already the best, huh?! With this pre-save number, it is very likely that Juliette will be among the best debuts of Spotify Brazil, in the accounting of plays in 24 hours. But that, we will only know after the official release. But the numbers don’t lie.

The weekly debut ranking here may also gain a new member, with the release of Paraíba’s first EP. And, to stay tuned, check out Spotify Brazil’s Top 5.

1. “SWEET 22”, Luísa Sonza – 29.8 million
2. “Chromatica”, Lady Gaga – 24.6 million
3. “Time Machine”, Matuê – 23.7 million
4. “SOUR”, Olivia Rodrigo – 21.7 million
5. “Kisses”, Anitta – 16.5 million
6. “Future Nostalgia”, Dua Lipa – 16.1 million