With tragedy, Pilar has a child before getting married in Nos Tempos do Imperador · TV News

In In Times of the Emperor, Pilar (Gabriela Medvedovski) will have a son even before she marries Samuel (Michel Gomes). After the deaths of Abena (Mary Sheyla) and Baltazar (Alan Rocha), the musician will take on the responsibility of creating Guebo (João Victor Menezes) and will decide that the orphan will live with the couple in the telenovela at six on Globo.

In the scenes planned to air in next Monday’s chapter (6), Candida (Dani Ornellas) will see the spirits of the boy’s parents and will tell the villagers of Little Africa that Abena and Balthazar were murdered. “We have to think about Guebo. His parents were everything to him”, will comment Don Olu (Rogério Brito) after hearing his wife’s revelation.

“Now he doesn’t have any more family. And in such a brutal way… This is a wound that never closes”, complete the leader. At that moment, Dom Pedro 2º’s Arabic teacher (Selton Mello) interrupted: “I want to stay with Guebo. I’m moving to his house, I’m going to take care of him. I know what it’s like to lose your family.”

Afterwards, Candida will give the news of the death to the boy, accompanied by Samuel. “I believe in your vision. I felt them both here, close to me. My parents died. I don’t have anyone else”, regrets Guebo. “I will take care of you. I will never leave you. Never”, will affirm the character of Michel Gomes, who will embrace the boy.

However, Pilar’s fiance will face resistance from Abena’s son. The child will not like the idea of ​​leaving Little Africa to live with Samuel and the aspiring doctor, and the musician’s plans for his education.

“Guebo, I talked to the Duke of Caxias [Jackson Antunes]. He found you a place in the military school prep,” will tell Tonico Rocha’s brother (Alexandre Nero), in a scene later on.

The boy will explode at the tutor: “I’m not going to school in white. You don’t boss me around. You’re not my father.” Samuel will be devastated by the resistance of Balthazar’s son and will tell Pilar, who will reassure the groom.

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