Xuxa’s R$ 45 million mansion ‘comes with a manual’ for Karinah, says Zeca Camargo – 02/09/2021

The singer Karinah, queen of the pagoda, made a “table” with Xuxa, the queen of the little ones, and bought the actress’s mansion in Rio de Janeiro for the amount of R$ 45 million.

the presenter of splash Show Zeca Camargo joked that he has already been in the residence and attests that the property is very spacious and spacious. According to him, the place was chosen by Xuxa to raise her daughter, then a child, Sasha.

It’s an iconic house. I must say that I’ve been in this house doing interviews and that house she had moved to live in, Sasha grew up there and it’s a super thought-out place. Something that always caught my attention is that there is an outdoor bird aviary, it must take a lot of work to take care of. The house will come with an instruction manual, because it’s complicated [risos].

The residence is anything but modest: built on a plot of 2,780 square meters, the house measures 2,626 square meters. Living room, hall entrance, restrooms, office, terrace, TV room, dining room, kitchen, winter garden, laundry and gym are some of the spaces, in addition to six covered parking spaces.

In an interview with Splash, Karinah spoke about her desire to raise her children in a place in contact with nature.

We learned that the house was built thinking about Dona Alda, Xuxa’s mother. They lived beautiful moments there. It’s a very green place, very spacious, and it’s the ideal place for us to raise our twins, that’s what enchanted us. In fact, Xuxa was very attentive to the children.