Young woman raped by her father inside a health unit has schizophrenia – Capital

The author was arrested in the act, went through a custody hearing this morning and will remain behind bars

Facade of CRS Cophavilla, where the crime took place.  (Photo: Google Street View)
Facade of CRS Cophavilla, where the crime took place. (Photo: Google Street View)

The 29-year-old girl who was raped by her own father, a 52-year-old bricklayer, at the CRS (Regional Health Center) of Bairro Coophavila II, at dawn yesterday (1st), suffers from mental disorder and schizophrenia, due to the use of drugs.

In addition to abusing his daughter, the author is also suspected of having raped a 60-year-old woman on the same day. Both had suffered a psychotic break, were medicated and were hospitalized in the same room in the unit. He, who was the girl’s companion, was arrested by metropolitan civil guards. When questioned about the fact by the police, the mason claimed alcoholic amnesia, claiming that he did not remember what had happened.

The servant went through a custody hearing on the morning of Thursday (2), in court, and had his arrest in flagrante delicto converted into preventive. His name will not be disclosed so as not to identify his daughter.

Historic The victim has two minor children who live with her mother in Maracaju, a city 160 kilometers away from the capital. In 2019, the municipal court authorized the compulsory internment of the young woman, who lived on the streets, to treat chemical dependency.

At the time, according to reports from her mother to the CAPS team (Psychosocial Care Center), the young woman had a normal life until 2013. She worked, studied and was married with the father of her children in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso. It was with her husband, according to the mother, that she started using drugs, occasionally, after the pregnancy of her first child. However, after the couple separated, the young woman started to make continuous use of narcotics.

Since then, she has been found, with her 1-year-old daughter, in tobacco outlets. That’s when the mother went to court, requesting custody of the child and moved to Maracaju with her granddaughter. After that, the grandmother had no news of the young woman and only found her again when she was already pregnant with her second child.

In 2015, the young woman went to live with her mother taking the newborn. In the following year, according to the mother’s reports, the daughter started to present behavioral and mental problems. Until she was brought to Campo Grande, where she was hospitalized in the psychiatric ward of a hospital for 15 days.

Later, he returned to his home in Maracaju, but continued with aggressive behavior, putting the children’s lives at risk, according to the mother. At the time, compulsory detention was authorized by the judge and custody of the children passed to the grandmother.

Rape The case happened around 2:00 in the morning, when a CRS employee passed by the room and saw the man, with his penis undressed, abusing his own daughter. Moments before, she had seen him walking naked inside the room. The employee went out to look for a responsible person and tell about what she had seen.

A short time later, she and the person in charge of the CRS returned to the room to check what was happening and found the elderly woman with her clothes, shorts and panties, lowered to the level of the knee. Agitated, the victim was unable to express himself because of the drowsiness caused by the drugs.

The man was removed from the room and placed in another room of the health unit. The employees called the Municipal Guard, he was arrested in the act, but denied the abuses all along. The case is under investigation by the Deam (Specialized Police Service for Women). Police are investigating whether the victim had been abused by her father before. For now, there is no information on the health status of the young woman, nor where she was taken.