ABC Paulista cities anticipate vaccine booster dose

The municipalities of Santo André and São Bernardo Campo, on ABC Paulista, anticipated the start of the application of the third dose of the vaccine against covid-19 in the elderly.

This Friday (3), Santo André began to apply the booster dose in elderly people over 90 years old who live in nursing homes and nursing homes.

This Saturday (4), the city of São Bernardo do Campo starts the third dose, in elderly people aged 85 years or more, at home. According to the city, the families of the elderly have already been contacted by the city’s health teams to schedule visits and apply the vaccine.

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The third dose of the vaccine against covid-19 should only be applied to people who have had the complete vaccine cycle for at least six months, with two doses of the immunizing agent, or one dose, in the case of Janssen’s vaccine.

In the rest of the state, the government of São Paulo will start applying the third dose to seniors aged 60 years or more, starting next Monday (6). Initially, the booster dose should serve 900,000 people who have had full vaccination coverage for at least six months.