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In times of vaccination against Covid-19, much has been said about the SUS card and the Vaccine Passport, in addition to the creation and updating of various apps, such as the Connect SUS and e-SaúdeSP, which aim to facilitate patient control regarding vaccines, consultations and care.

For those who have an iPhone and other Apple devices, however, since 2020 it is possible to attach the SUS National Health Card (CNS) to the digital wallet.


The app allows users to add tickets and make, for example, payments without the need to physically handle cards.

In addition to credit, debit and store cards, it is also possible to add student ID cards and even boarding passes and movie tickets.

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iPhone: Learn how to add the SUS card to the Wallet app. Image: MichaelJayBerlin/iStock

The same goes for the SUS card, made available by Connect SUS. By adding it to Wallet, you can go to appointments without needing the physical card or the app installed, since the digital version has a QR Code that allows health agents to access all of your information.

It is noteworthy that, to have the SUS CNS digital, it is necessary to download the Connect SUS and download the card and only then add it to the Wallet.

Follow the tutorial below and see how to add CNS as a ticket on your iPhone Wallet.

1. After downloading the Connect SUS app and downloading your National Health Card (you can see how to perform the procedure here), click the orange icon in the corner of the screen inside the SUS app;

2. Then click on the card icon at the top of the screen – next to the share symbol;

3. A digital card will be generated. Click on “Add” to insert it into the Wallet app, which will open automatically. Then, just click “Ok” to finish the process;

Ready! SUS National Card successfully added to iPhone Wallet.

It is worth explaining that the Connect SUS gives access to all procedures performed by the Unified Health System and, later, the option of accessing the Digital Vaccination Card against Covid-19 was added.

e-SaúdeSP, on the other hand, makes it possible to issue the so-called ‘Vaccination Passport’, a special voucher for the pandemic that certifies that the user is fully immunized and whose presentation may be required in the future to authorize people to attend some establishments, as informed by the mayor from São Paulo, Ricardo Nunes (MDB). e-Saúde only covers residents of the city of São Paulo.

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