After being betrayed, Pocah defends Mirela Janis after pastor’s message “Forgive”; check out

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On the last night (02), the artist Mirela Janis was participating in a service that was being broadcast live to the Brazil I complete. The pastor who was preaching sent a message to Mirela to forgive her ex after she was betrayed.

After the video went through the internet, several comments about the subject started to emerge. Famous people also spoke saying that to forgive is not to return to what betrayed you, but to be at peace. A gossip site “Come pick me up” has updated its official Instagram profile on the artist’s subject.

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THAT’S ABOUT IT! @pocah spoke up and said he went through a situation similar to @mirelajanis (The creamy woman was in the service and a preacher said that God told her to forgive – go back 2 posts to understand). “When I told a pastor that I was being betrayed and being [email protected]@ he also told me to forgive. But he added: “When I say forgive doesn’t mean that you need to be together. Forgive because you deserve peace,” said Pocah. Do you agree?