After six months of recovery, César returns to training with Flamengo goalkeepers | Flamengo

After spending six months recovering from an injury in his right knee, César returned to training this Friday with Flamengo’s goalkeepers. For the first time, the archer participated normally in the activity and performed all the exercises that the other position colleagues perform.

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César training at Flamengo — Photo: Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo

César suffered a cruciate ligament injury in his right knee in February of this year. He underwent surgery in March and since then has been gradually recovering at the Vulture’s Nest. The initial return period was eight months.

Now, César is going to work so that he can be 100% integrated into the cast. From there, he can be available to coach Renato Gaúcho.

– Before even six months, he is returning to work normally with the group’s goalkeepers. We are pleased that we were able to get it back. There are still other steps to be taken to make him feel 100% safe. I want to congratulate the athlete for his professionalism and dedication, always aiming to be better in the shortest time possible – said Marcio Tannure, Flamengo’s Health and High Performance manager.

Tannure highlighted Caesar’s recovery over these six months. After a first moment of physiotherapy and muscle strengthening, the goalkeeper went through transition stages, first with physiotherapy on the field and then with physical preparation.

– The biggest concern was that César had a minimum of physical conditioning, of muscular rebalancing, working on some skills, such as strength, speed and endurance, so that he would be able to enter the last stage – explained Tannure.

Finally, César transitioned with the preparation of goalkeepers, along with assistant Tiago Eller, under the supervision of Wagner Miranda.

– Tiago Eller accompanied him throughout this process in the transition phase, in which he would start performing the specific gestures of the goalkeeper. This phase was very important – completed Tannure.

In addition to César, Flamengo has in its squad the goalkeepers Diego Alves, Gabriel Batista and Hugo. Diego has been the absolute starter, with Gabriel as the immediate reserve.

Trio follows specific work

While César returned to training with the goalkeepers, three other Flamengo players kept their specific work. Rodrigo Caio and Kenedy participated in a period of training with the cast and then continued with separate activities.

Bruno Henrique, who is recovering from a thigh injury, did not go to the field. He is still undergoing internal treatment at the Vulture’s Nest.

— Photo: Disclosure