Ana Maria Braga is taken by surprise by Rayssa Leal live on Globo

Ana Maria Braga
Rayssa Leal amused Ana Maria Braga with her speeches (Image: Reproduction – Globo / Editing – RD1)

Rayssa Leal took all his sympathy to the More you, gives Globe, in this Thursday (2), and enchanted Ana Maria Braga. At the end of the program, the young skater surprised the presenter with a special request.

Before ending the medalist’s participation in the program, Námaria declared: “Good luck at all stages of your life, whether professional, personal or romantic. But may your life be full of dances and smiles”.

“Thank you for the invite. You can… Easy there. Can you send my grandma a kiss? She’s super fan of yours”, fired the “fairy”, with great sympathy.

Without thinking twice, Ana Maria Braga sent the kiss requested by Rayssa and was even called by the girl’s “aunt”. “Thank you aunt”, declared the skateboarder, who won the hearts of Brazilians at the Tokyo Olympics.

The young woman, who was surprised to complete the maneuver with which she won the title of the Salt Lake City stage of the World Skate League (SLS), told Mais Você that, at first, she was scared when she completed the flip.

“I knew I could be third or, if I got it right, I would go first or second, it all depended on the grade. As I needed a very high note, there were people who even disbelieved. So I drank some water, took a deep breath and went. I managed to do the flip right and that’s when I didn’t believe it. I just ran for the hug”, she stated.

During the interview, Rayssa Leal also reaffirmed the friendship she has with other skaters, and said she was proud to be able to compete in the Olympic final for Pamela Rosa and Letícia Bufoni: “It was a fulfilled duty to represent my country and all the girls on skateboard. Being able to bring the medal made me very happy”.

Luiz Fabio Almeida

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