Ana Maria Braga reveals health problem and need for surgery: “I’m going back”

Ana Maria Braga had to undergo surgery to correct the problem – Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

Ana Maria Braga underwent surgery after having a diagnosed health problem. The presenter told in Mais Você that she would need to go through the procedure.

In the program this Friday, 3, which was recorded – as happens every week -, Ana Maria revealed that she was going to undergo eye surgery. The procedure is to correct a vision problem. Good-natured, she played with the situation.

“I’m going to take off my glasses. I never had a problem. I’m going to operate, I have this view halfway here, I have a cataract, I’m going to take it out. I’ll see everything clear again and you [Luciano Huck] put one [óculos] and I’ll take the other one,” he said, causing the guest to laugh.

When contacted, Ana Maria’s press office told Uol that she has already gone through the procedure this Thursday, 2. The Globo presenter is already at home. For now, there is no information about the return to Mais Você. However, everything indicates that he will return normally next Monday, the 6th.

Ana Maria Braga criticizes Bolsonaro government

Last month, Ana Maria Braga again criticized the Jair Bolsonaro government for the delay in vaccination against covid-19. After reporting the death of Tarcisio Meira (who died from complications caused by the coronavirus) on Mais Você, she commented on the matter.

In her comment on Globo’s morning, the presenter highlighted the importance of receiving the vaccine. She recalled that the vaccination of the entire population is the only way out for the transmission of covid-19 to end at once.

“As you know, I had a covid a month ago and if I hadn’t been vaccinated, due to my comorbidities, I probably wouldn’t be talking to you here right now. What has to be discussed is why this vaccine has not arrived in Brazil before, why more people have not been immunized for a longer time so that there is less possibility of infecting other people”, he said.

When recalling her case of covid-19, Ana Maria Braga praised Coronavac, an immunizing agent developed by the Butantan Institute with which she was vaccinated. She had only mild symptoms after being diagnosed with the disease and recovered at home.

“Of course you have to be vaccinated! The discussion is on the other side. If I hadn’t taken the doses of CoronaVac, I can say that with peace of mind, I wouldn’t have [aqui], as many did not have [a chance de tomar] the vaccine and so many left”, he concluded.