Angelica shows Huck with her 3 children and surprises: “beautiful and equal”

The presenter Angelica delighted by showing her three children together with Luciano Huck and declared herself

the presenter Angelica surprised and delighted to show by showing her husband, the presenter Luciano Huck, along with the couple’s three children. They are the parents of Joaquim, 16, Benício, 13, and Eva, eight.

And the presenter showed a beautiful photo in which Luciano Huck appears sitting and hugging his three children. The children and the presenter appeared very smiling in the image. By showing the beautiful photo, Angelica she made a point of declaring herself to her husband, who is turning 50 years old.

She declared to her loved one saying: “My love, today is the day to celebrate another year of life by your side! There are so many adventures and stories, they were intense years and full of learning. May the next 50 years be as special and magical as those that have passed! Light on the walk! And gratitude for your life! I love you even more ‘fifty’. Luciano Bday! My love Bday!”.

Many famous people praised the record and the presenter. Model Daniella Sarahyba commented: “Vivaaa! Congratulations Lu! Many happiness and blessings in your life and in this beautiful family”. And the actress Juliana Alves said: “Congratulations to your husband!”. The triathlete Fernanda Keller also said: “All the happiness in the world and HEALTH to always celebrate together! I love them both!”.

Internet users were also just praise for the beautiful photo that Angelica showed of her husband and three children. “Beautiful and equal! I think children look like their fathers!”, commented a netizen. And a netizen still said: “May God always bless your life and your family”.
And an internet user also said: “Wow, I think Benício looks just like Luciano! Congratulations and may you and your family be very happy”. One netizen further stated: “Long live him! A new enlightened and blessed cycle of life for Luciano! Congratulations!”. And a netizen also commented: “Angel just gave birth to Luciano Huck three times because I only see their children in this image!”.

Angelica showing Luciano Huck with the couple's children

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