Atlético-MG reveals how much payroll has increased with the arrival of stars

One of the most starred casts in Brazil this season, the Atlético-MG lives up to the names he has on the roster, leads the Brazilian championship and is a semifinalist of Libertadores Conmebol. But on the other hand, it spends millions a month on salaries.

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With the arrival of stars like Hulk, Nacho Fernández and Diego Costa, it was expected that the salary expenditure of the rooster made an astronomical leap. However, according to the club, the club’s payroll was little burdened.

In publication in the Twitter, the Minas Gerais club revealed that, from February 2021 until the amounts paid in September, there was an increase of only 6% in the payroll.

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Despite the signings, Galo’s payroll rose only 6%

Assembling a strong and competitive team is one of the pillars of President Sérgio Coelho’s project, since he presented himself as a candidate, back in 2020.

For this reason, from February of this year until now (thus, under the current mandate), six new athletes arrived at Galo: Dodô, Tchê Tchê and Nathan Silva, in addition to international stars Nacho Fernández, Hulk and Diego Costa.



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Despite the remarkable qualification of the cast, the Club’s payroll was little burdened: what will be paid this September is only 6% higher than that registered in February 2021.

Including athletes, technical committee and employees from all units (City of the Rooster, Administrative Headquarters, Flare and Olympic Village), the annual payroll of the institution, today, does not reach 180 million reais.

Arena MRV employees are not included in this account, as they are not part of the Club’s payroll.

Thanks to investments made in football, Atlético has been reaping results in all the competitions it participates. He is the leader of the Brasileirão, semifinalist of the Libertadores and has an advantage in the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil, in addition to having been champion of Minas Gerais.