Barbara Evans cries when she discovers her first child’s pregnancy with Gustavo Theodoro

After going through several fertilization processes, Bárbara Evans is pregnant with her first child with Gustavo Theodoro

Exciting! the long awaited moment by Barbara Evans (30) has arrived. The model is pregnant!

The blonde couldn’t hold back her tears when she found out she was expecting her first child with Gustavo Theodoro (30).

In a video posted on her Instagram profile, she showed the exact moment she discovered the pregnancy. In the images, Barbara appeared in the bathroom waiting for the result of a pregnancy test.

“I never thought this waiting was so difficult, but I have faith. I’m shaking from head to toe. My dream is to appear ‘pregnant’ written there”, she said at the beginning of the record.

After going through several attempts in the fertilization process, she cried a lot with the news: “I’m shaking. I’m sick.” shot.

The daughter of Monique Evans (65) also showed how she told Gustavo the news. She placed the test under the napkin on the table set out for her husband. “He’s going to die, be out of breath,” said she, who recently took the first dose of covid-19 vaccine.

Gustavo hugged and kissed his beloved to celebrate the novelty so long awaited by the two.

Romana Novais congratulates Barbara Evans for pregnancy

Romana Novais (30), wife of Alok (30), used her social network to celebrate Barbara Evans’ pregnancy announcement. “I remember the day she called me to tell me how difficult this period of trying was… and today I receive the news that you got it! I cried with emotion! What joy for you. May God bless this pregnancy!!! new mommyeeee of the piece”, declared the doctor in her Instagram Stories.

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