Barbara Evans shows her husband’s reaction when she tells about pregnancy

The influencer explained that she would try to make the surprise because, in any case, she and her husband were already expecting to receive a positive result. Barbara was even accompanied by her husband on the day of embryo transfer, in August. At the time, the couple decided to transfer two of the three that were considered healthy, keeping the third one frozen.

Cancer biopsy generated controversy on social networks

Shortly after starting the IVF video series on her Instagram, the model appeared in tears, explaining that she would have to do a cancer biopsy on the 12 embryos she had managed to reunite with her husband. The exam was necessary because both she and the businessman had a family history of the disease.

But the news did not please netizens, who saw the biopsy as something unnecessary. According to some followers, the presence of a gene was no guarantee that the child would develop the disease: it was just a possibility.

In view of the comments, Monique Evans, Barbara’s mother, defended her daughter and said: “We are thinking about the future”, she assured, adding that it was standard procedure in the case of the influencer and her husband.

Barbara Evans assured that weight gain is just a detail

In one of her series videos, Barbara Evans admitted that she was too nervous to go on a diet. The model came to gain 14 kg because of the treatment to get pregnant, and has been showing the new curves to her followers in several photos on Instagram. But she assured that the weight is just a detail compared to the dream of being a mother and that she was loving herself in the same way.