Battlefield Mobile will be free for Android and iOS; see news

Battlefield Mobile, EA’s mobile FPS version will be free for Android and iOS, with in-app cosmetic purchases, battle passes and more. The first closed beta will take place between September and November 2021, and will be limited to servers in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Also new are the four classes that will be available: Assault, Support, Medic and Recon. Characters will have individual stories and players will be able to customize them. In the test, only one map and game mode will be playable.

Battlefield Mobile - Press Release/EA - Press Release/EA
Image: Disclosure/EA

In the game description on Google Play, Battlefield Mobile will have:

  • large scale battles
  • Destruction of large-scale scenarios
  • Multiple multiplayer game modes
  • Competition focused gameplay
  • A large arsenal of weapons to choose from
  • Multiple classes (support, assault, medic and recon) with unique characters and heroes
  • Vehicles to pilot to fight on land, sea and air
  • New and familiar maps and game modes for franchise veterans

EA has also confirmed that the classic Battlefield 3 Grand Baazar map will be in the game, as will Conquest mode. There will be no crossplay between mobile and other platforms. The game is appearing on the Google Play Store page.

Battlefield Mobile has no release date yet.