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Battlefield Mobile, the new version for Android and iPhone (iOS) of the first person shooter from Electronic Arts (EA), got its first details this Thursday (2). Announced as a strategy by the developer to expand the franchise to other markets and platforms, the free-to-play game is being produced by Industrial Toys specifically for smartphones. Battlefield Mobile is expected to launch in 2022.

According to EA, the title will initially run only on Android devices, with a reduced player base, before going public. Its first beta, which will take place between September and November 2021, will be limited to Indonesia and the Philippines. There is still no confirmation that Battlefield Mobile will be launched in other territories (including Brazil).

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Battlefield, the famous shooting game franchise, will win a game for mobile phones — Photo: Press Release/EA Games

Completely free to play, the game will feature a microtransaction system (purchasing with real money) that only adds cosmetic items such as skins and new characters. BF Mobile will still have its own battle pass, similar to the ones seen in Fortnite and Warzone.

Still in the optimization phase, the game will initially run on devices with Android 7 or higher, but EA promises compatibility with more models in the future. The company has already confirmed that the title will not have any kind of crossplay or compatibility with the new Battlefield 2042, which arrives on October 22 for consoles and PCs.

Battlefield Mobile will be free to play and wins first beta — Photo: Publicity/Electronic Arts

According to the game’s page on the Google Play Store, the player can choose between four classes: Assault, Support, Medic and Recon. Also, it will be possible to change the character’s appearance. Although it doesn’t reveal much information about BF Mobile’s gameplay, EA claims that the classic Grand Baazar map (from Battlefield 3) will be in the game, as will Conquest mode, the most popular in recent versions of the game.

With information from Electronic Arts and EuroGamer

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