BC president says program will respect ceiling

The Federal Government has yet to hammer out the question of the values ​​of the new Bolsa Família. Anyway, if it depends on the President of the Central Bank (BC), Roberto Campos Neto, the payment levels will not be so high. According to him, the country cannot break the public spending ceiling to make these transfers.

“Remembering that we do not have public resources to get out of the crisis with public investments. We have to have private investments and, to have private investment, it needs to generate credibility”, said Campos Neto at an event promoted by the newspaper Estadão this Friday morning (3).

This isn’t the first time he’s said this. In fact, there is even some pressure for the Federal Government not to increase the values ​​of Bolsa Família. According to members of executive branch economics, this could hamper the country’s fiscal recovery at this time.

All this means saying in practice that the Federal Government may have to pay new amounts that are not so different from the current ones. Within the Ministry of Economy, there are those who say that the new level of payments for the project will be between R$280 and R$290. This would be less than President Jair Bolsonaro had been promising.

In recent interviews, the chief executive said on more than one occasion that the minimum value of the new Bolsa Família will be R$300. An answer to that question is not expected until the end of this month of September.

Current values ​​of Bolsa Família

Today, according to official information, the Federal Government pays an average of R$189 in Bolsa Família. This is a monthly amount that people normally receive from this program.

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According to the Ministry of Citizenship, the project is currently reaching around 14.7 million people. They are Brazilians who are in a situation of social vulnerability in a condition of poverty or even extreme poverty.

These numbers are expected to rise from November. The big question is that no one knows for sure how big this increase will be. The Federal Government, as said, has not yet hammered out on this matter.


This week, the Federal Government sent the official text of the 2022 Budget to the National Congress. Interestingly, the Palácio do Planalto is not forecasting any increase in spending on Bolsa Família payments for next year.

According to members of the executive branch, this happened because the Federal Government has not yet been able to guarantee the possibility of paying in installments. At least that’s the argument they’ve been using so far.

Despite this, however, Planalto members continue to claim that they will be able to pay the increase in Bolsa Família. Also according to them, this should actually happen from next November. This, incidentally, remains the central objective.

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